It’s a Small World


“The Falcon and the Snowman -  A true story of friendship and espionage, by Robert Lindsay, gives an insight into the company known worldwide for keeping tract of everyone’s credit rating.  At twenty-one years of age, and with a few family connections, Christopher John Boyce went to work for TRW.  “Only six people were cleared for access to the vault, Chris was told, and he was one of them. People called it the Black Vault, Norman explained, because Black was a catchall term the intelligence community applied to any covert intelligence operation; Air Force officers assigned to the project, for example, called themselves the “Black Air Force”; ‘spooks” was another affectionate expression for operatives on CIA projects.  Another TRW employee translated another euphemism; whenever “Special Programs” or “Special Project” was mentioned, it was likely to involve espionage.” 


Andrew Daulton Lee, called the snowman in the book because of his activities in the illegal use and sale of cocaine, was the adopted son of one Dr. Daulton Bradley Lee, a pathologist at a local hospital in Inglewood, which had magically gone from being a tiny maternity hospital to world fame in sports medicine.  I knew many of the Doctors there to be cult.  A couple I recognized from the gang rapes at the S house from my childhood.  When the hospital opened its grand new tower, Governor Ronald Reagan gave the speech.  Dr. Lee was a quiet man I never got to know, except that he liked to garden, even though I worked for him for years.  Before I moved out of the state, my granddaughter complained of ritual abuse in the hospital’s very secretive daycare center. (When you wanted to pick up a child you buzzed then waited at least twenty minutes before they let you in.)   Unfortunately for me, three of my grandkids went to that same daycare center.  The scars left from the pre-school are still with us.


On the subject of daycare, the McMartin pre-school was located walking distance from TRW, and and taken from Alex Constantine’s book, “Virtual Government – CIA Mind Control Operations In America,”  “One mother of children attending McMartin alleged that employees of TRW, a local defense contractor based in Southern California, paid regular afternoon visits to the school.”  I’m quite sure they did.



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