By Mauri


Having had the unfortunate circumstance of being born into a secret society I felt the horror or privilege of watching their post WWII activities unfold. As I walked away from them, I carried with me many impressions of what might have been their modus operandi and agenda.

My views are different from many SRA survivors, but I played a little different role in the cult. For one thing, it was I that was murdered in their games of children murdering children. It was I that was the "spirit" they conjured up in smoke or the child they roasted alive and ate on Thanksgiving. But my most Oscar deserving role of all was that of a grey space alien. By this I know the UFO phenomenon is associated with satanic cults, and post WWII Nazis. I also know what function the greys played. They controlled the secret societyís members. As a child the cult put rocks in my genitals and told me the rocks were Satan, who now controlled my body. Wherever I went the "rocks" were watching me. As a grey, I watched as implants were placed in the cult victim and he was told that the greys were watching them. It was simply an updated version of an ancient ritual abuse. Their mind control techniques were often crude but effective. I think they worked more for psychological reasons than by any robotic control from a foreign device. The psychology is to make the victim think he is under external robotic control, sort of like voodoo, if you think it works, it does. These cults are old or arise out of cults that are old. Another ancient but common feature of satanic cults and the UFOs is animal mutilations. Some of their teachings go back thousands of years.

Do these cults have technologies that control from afar? Can they focus a secret ray that activates an implanted device? If they can and do, those techniques must follow the rules of physics and physiology. The brain can be activated by electric and electromagnetic stimulation, but only a mind can experience a thought or a memory. No physical device can read a mind. Occasionally one mind can read another, and all minds appear to be connected on another plane as spirit. But in the physical realm, physics rules. If implants can indeed be communicated with by external means, perhaps at best a small pulse of energy could be produced which might trigger programming already implanted in the brain by more conventional means of brainwashing, and the movements of the individual could be tracked. High-energy radiation could damage tissue, but it would also be hard to control and easy to detect. Directed sound and light pulses would certainly stop one in oneís shoes. Such disturbances would leave little energy left to function. But again, these are not silent. Directed energy used close up can kill as effectively as any bullet shot from a gun. But is that a major advance of technology? I reason that if the cult had the technologies to seriously and silently bug from afar they would have done that to me, when they decided my time on Earth was to end. But in reality the best they could do was hit me over the head with a board and leave me to freeze to death in the snow, something a cave man could have done in the Stone Age.

The next connection I can make about this secret society is that they were into the indoctrination of children at pre-schools, because the cult I was in was associated with the McMartin case in Manhattan Beach, California. They were also associated with the MKUltra project or MKUltra-like projects through TRW, the government spy analysis center. TRW is located just down the street from the McMartin pre-school. Itís a little chilling to me that TRW is the brain center for analyzing satellite spy data, that it employs Satanists with top security clearances, and that it also keeps tract of the entire populace with its credit card division. Yet few people notice TRW located just down the street from the McMartin pre-school. The credit division of TRW is now known as Experian and has offices world wide keeping tract of the worldís credit and citizens. In 2002, Northrop Grumman acquired TRW and continues with its government work in space and in the military. They are a big player in Homeland Security. But whoís to protect us from them? The fact that our government works on these non-lethal technologies with the hope of controlling its own citizens is the really frightening part to me. I always assumed the government was for the people and by the people. I think we had all better get a handle on our "democracy" and soon.

When referring to this cult the only name I ever heard was "the government." This "government" even put out "government pamphlets" on such subjects as how to raise children (satanic style). My other connection with MKUltra was the cults attempts to do mind control programming on me using a group of board certified psychiatrists. They attempted the same types of programming that the government was involved in at that same period of time. I assume a connection. Under the influence of the needle and electro-shock through my fingers, I was given a new name, Lotus Blossom. Hours were spent trying to program me to be sexy. I was taught new tricks, like how to consume a whole bottle of pills in one sitting or walk on the red light into on coming traffic. By some miracle I survived and went on without them, with just lingering memories to haunt me.

The satanic cult I was raised in had a vision for me. I would work hard to earn them money. But what could a very small child do that was profitable? Answer, sexual acts with an adult male model surrounded by hot lights, under the lens of a camera. Who was behind the black box and bright lights? My mother and father arranged the scene, took the shots, developed the film, and printed the photos. They were good. I was good, as I smiled and did my coy thing for the camera. Today Iím afraid to have my picture taken, even for my driverís license. Perhaps with my talent in front of the camera, I could be used in even more devious grabs for ultimate power, they must have reasoned, because next I found myself in the business of blackmail using me in a child sex ring. We were cute, we were little, 10 years or under; and we were experts in the fine arts of sexual pleasure (not ours). The Nazis expanded my education to teach me to walk, talk and dance provocatively. Who could resist? The cameras (I know they were there because of the very bright lights) always ready. Did it work? Oh my yes! As an adult I have recognized three, very famous people as having been a lover of mine. I think photos of influential people engaging in sex with small children, or blackmail, was used as a major wedge into the government power structure including the military. In my case, I focused on the academic and artistic community, at a mansion in Pasadena, California those many years ago. 

Cult activities often take the easiest, most profitable root, turning the values of the society in reverse. As an older child, who could better take an order and carry it out with stealth, I was taught how to rob houses. To me the fear of being in a strange house alone was greater than I could handle. I donít think I learned that lesson very well. But I do know that burglaries were a popular cult pastime. For example, a cult operated jewelry store might sell expensive antique items, only to later burgle them back to again be sold elsewhere. The sales record told just where the items were located. Another pastime of the cult I was in was the collecting of antiquities. Look for an archeological dig and a few Satanists are probably nearby ready to illegally whisk away evidence from the past. Each treasure is briefly catalogued for a quick sale in the satanic antiquities underground. I saw items from around the world, some as old as 5000 years.

As a cult member, I was drugged with every ceremony. Drugs were everywhere. Why not make a profit with what was already a cult obsession? Drug dealing, including dealing with the Mafia, is a big money maker for these secret societies. And like the Mafia, prostitution is also a popular favorite and a natural progression of the member used in child pornography (and child sex blackmail) when she ages beyond usefulness in that arena.

What is bad for society is good for the cult, which bases its values on the symbols of good turned backwards or upside down. Thus the cross turned upside down is a cult symbol, as is the Lordís Prayer read backwards, or the pentagram turned upside down. The symbol of the Nazis was the swastika turned backwards. And even in the Bible, the symbol of evil is the Roman numerals read backwards. The series forwards is IVXLCD (I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500); backwards it is DCLXVI or six hundred three score and six. In Arabic numerals that number is 666.

What really happens to the victims of all this brainwashing is not that they become easy to control, but that they become seriously mentally ill, and unpredictable. Constant monitoring is required to guarantee compliance of the victims. A little logic here, if the cult or governments spends huge amounts of time and energy on this control, little else gets done. (Observe terrorists governments Ė eventually much of the populace begins to starve.) And the more successful the group, the more control required, the more the victims escape through the cracks, and into the mental health system (or worse the prison system due to pedophilia, murder, or other crimes). If the perpetrators are also victims of brainwashing, how rational could they or their agenda be?

This one group has connections to UFOís, Nazis, MKUltra-like government projects, ritual abuse at pre-schools and crime on the streets. And since much of this abuse took place in churches, it was also connected to organized religion, in my case, Mormonism. Multiply this group by similar groups worldwide and mind control takes on a whole new meaning.

These connections weave a complex tapestry moving toward an ancient goal, Armageddon. All over the world Armageddon cults, like the Satanists or al-Qaida, are being formed and financed with one goal in mind, the final war or Armageddon. And how alike these groups are. Suddam Hussein's and the United States Pentagon's karma crossed paths at Abu Ghraib prison, and in the end they were one and the same. Read the accusations of the children abused at pre-schools in the west and they read like the accusations of the prisoner's at Abu Ghraib. And like al-Qaida in Afghanistan, the group I was associated with did a lot of survivalist training in the wilderness. World War I and II were both failed Armageddon attempts.

Who is behind this? I like to call them the cult behind the cults. Itís not the U.S. Government; these cults are world wide, and old. Itís not the world bankers, because the fingers keep pointing in their direction; and this is an ideological movement.  To find the true motive and culprit, look at what is predicted to follow Armageddon, peace! Peace under a New World Order comes next. The cult behind the cults view themselves as good not evil. (A major religion makes a better candidate for the cult behind the cults than the bankers. I personally look in the direction of the Vatican.)

How can they see themselves as good, when they have helped to create so much evil? Because they believe that the end justifies the means. When we all grow tired of killing each other, in they will ride on their white horses to take over our minds. They create the problem then supply the solution, a trick as old as time. We will be easily convinced we need salvation, as the cult behind the cults becomes our Savior. How wrong they are, for one simple reason Ė there is no end, and we will all be judged on the means.

If you want to have zero freedom by the removal of your God given "free will," then just continue to keep your eyes shut. If you think that Armageddon is scary, it is nothing compared to the "peace" that would follow, marking the end of human civilization, as we know it, and the beginning of a new Dark Age.

Take a deep breath. We are the government. We make the laws. There is just as much corruption as we allow. If cults begin to infiltrate our institutions, it is up to us to expose them and rid them of their influence.

 © 2004 by Mauri