Barbie Doll by Mattel


"Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll," by M.G. Lord tells the German inspiration for the American Barbie, the Lilli doll. The Lilli doll was modeled after a popular post-war cartoon, which first appeared in the West German tabloid “Bild Zeitung” in 1952. In the cartoon, Lillie was a clever, endearing prostitute.  The Lillie doll, first produced in 1955, was sold as a sex toy for men.  The Lilli doll made it into the "Art, Design and Barbie" show and the rest is history.  My personal feelings are that this was no accident.  The New World Order’s proclivity for breaking up the family was simply moving into the toy industry.  In the world of sex and violence, Barbie was the female counterpart to the games and dolls of war produced for little boys.

In my archaic view dolls should teach little girls how to nurture, and construction toys should teach little boys how to build and create.  Toys that teach science are fun for children and adults alike. Positive play leads to a happier life.