Essays on child pornography and sex trafficking, mind control, secret societies, ritual abuse, psychiatric abuse, government programming, the Nazi UFO hoax, grey aliens and MKULTRA from the survivor's perspective. All accusations are alleged.

Is America Asleep at the Wheel?

  The road cloaked in darkness pulls us this way and that, while we all blissfully slumber. As the world arms toward a destiny few are aware of, will we be able to put on the breaks in time to avoid World War III?  Our heroes, all persons of trust, protect us good children from the truth, which is too horrible to be viewed.  So turn out the light, censor the facts, make it palatable, show only the roses, never the thorns. When the dream turns to nightmare, well it was really a nightmare all along.  Time to wake up!



"Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and showth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;  And saith unto him.  All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me."      St. Matthew 4:8-9

Is it part of the Illuminati Plan that the Pope should accept what Jesus refused?

"Moslem and Jewish areas in Jerusalem will be combined with Christian to create the New Jerusalem Covenant. Then, and only then, will it be possible to build a combination Temple/Church/Mosque in Jerusalem."
"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem to announce that all religions should be combined into one. This action will then finally break the Middle East logjam."  Wording from the Illuminati Plan.

"And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."     Revelation 14:11

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall
make you free."   John 8:32



Reflections in the Night: A Survivor's Story of Total Mind Controlled Slavery and Torture

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Radio Interviews


I wish to thank Greg Szymanski of the Investigative Journal and Arctic Beacon, Zeph Daniel of the Zeph Report, and Vyzygoth of Vyzygoth's Grassy Knoll for their support in putting out those stories that are uncomfortable to listen to and therefore often ignored.  Anecdotal reporting of hidden history is sometimes all there is folks.  The following are Patriot Radio Interviews with Mauri.

Greg Szymanski Feb 15  [Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Feb 17]  [June 6]  [Oct 13]  2006

Zeph Daniel  Mar 21  [Part 1]  [Part 2]  2006

Vyzygoth  [Aug 16]  2006

Interview with Adam Gorightly, Untamed Dimensions, [May 29] 2007




Vatican Ratline: The Vatican, the Nazis and the New World Order

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The Moonlight Rant




July 9, 2012

Love of Nature


When I moved into my home it was near perfect.  My grassy yards, surrounded by barked beds, were filled with beautiful plants.  On all sides were huge, I mean scary tall, trees, all that remained of the lumber industry.  But, just below the surface of my land lay a secret.  The foundation of my lot was rocks and sand fill, with little topsoil.  If I planted in the barked beds nothing grew.  I began to fill in areas with bagged topsoil, manure and mulch so I could add new plants.  But in every area I tried to grow vegetables I was met with failure.  Over time, a lot of time, the bark finally broke down.  It was then that IT made its first ominous appearance.  Buttercup, a nitrogen-fixing weed, had arrived.  And Buttercup was here to stay.  Try as I may I couldn’t get rid of it.  I pulled the weeds out, put them in piles to decompose as mulch and the piles grew more Buttercup. Even the rabbits wouldn’t eat it.  My deeply shaded yard was the perfect medium.  The horrible weeds were everywhere.  My neighbors complained.  I made more piles and more Buttercup grew.  They wanted me to clean it all out so my yard was pristine like theirs.  But I was determined to keep every bit of yard waste composting so that I could grow more flowers.  And my flowers did grow along with the weeds.  Soon my yard was green everywhere with weeds everywhere.  When I removed the weeds to plant something else, I found something new, Topsoil.  Beds that wouldn’t support an annual plant before would now grow vegetables.  Why not turn Buttercup into potatoes, squash and beans.  Well, why not?  Maybe Mother Nature does know best. So I have decided to love the Buttercup that feeds the grass, that makes the mulch, that feeds my gardens.  No chemicals allowed!




June 30, 2011

Two Wolves and A Sheep Vote on What’s For Dinner


I’m told that in a Direct Democracy 51% of the people can vote to steal the property of the other 49%.  That sounds bad to me.  I’m for protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority.  On some level, I am a minority, as most people are.  As I look at my worsening economic situation, getting out the old Constitution and Bill of Rights, dusting it off and at least giving it a read seems a prudent thing to do.  Perhaps it is worth keeping, with just an adjustment here and there.  But something is seriously wrong.  The very people we choose to protect our Constitution are trashing it.

 The close to 600 people elected to run the Federal Government, voting on laws that I never read, and often they don’t read either, is apparently what we have chosen to protect the precious minority, that is us.   Hay wait, what is wrong with this picture?  The majority required to create new laws is only 0.1% of the people (300/300000.)  In other words, it doesn’t take 51% of the people to steal from the other 49%.  It takes only 0.1% of the people to steel from the other 99.9%.  And what is worse, we keep re-electing the same bunch of thieves. Under this system one has only to corrupt 300 people to rule this Country.  Hmmm  A Direct Democracy, where We the People vote for the laws, with the courts ready to protect basic human rights, sounds to me like a 50,000% improvement over the system we now have.  Hopefully getting laws passed would be a lot more difficult, giving all of us more freedom.





Kissing “Social Security” Good-by


Social Security, our love-hate affaire with Big Government, is collapsing under the weight of mismanagement beyond anyone’s control.  Those shadowy figures, who started it in the first place, no longer need Social Security.  Its goal, the breakup of the family, has occurred.  It also set up a nice trust fund to later rob; mission accomplished.

Social Security has always been the Really Big Con.  When we came home from our jobs, many that supported banking and the military industrial complex, we collapsed in front of the mind controlling TV and counted our money to feel better.  Our 401Ks grew by the day.  To say that Americans didn’t save was a lie.  Every one had a retirement plan that they contributed to, some with large sums of money.  America was becoming blinded to the real world by greed.  Social Security was the first major step into the Big Government casino.  Next we began playing Russian roulette with the stock market, just to beat the system tax-wise.

What was all this money for?  Well, it was to pay for warehousing in style when we became old.  And becoming old was the only thing most of us had to look forward to as we baked in our car on the way to work or sat in our cubical when we got there.  Boy did we learn to love our money.  It filled in the void with a magical existence that had little to do with reality.  Dream Big!  To become warehoused in a self-centered dream is not nature’s or God’s plan.

Did you know that children become automatically bonded by blood alone to grandparents, just as they do to parents.  Old people are meant to work till they drop in helping to raise and educate the next generation. Kicking the grandparents out of the family dealt a major blow to its foundation. Welfare programs helped further erode the family by kicking the males out.  Social Services is now in the process of removing the children.  This evil would be a lot harder to do if we didn’t fund it with tax dollars.

Life is a series of consequences.  Now that the family, we thought we didn’t need and certainly didn’t appreciate, is dead and buried, the loss of all that government money is going to be painful!!




Poisoning our Food


Local ethnic food is prepared from what grows in the area where you live.  I live in the Pacific Northwest.  In the last few years I have been on a quest to grow some of my own food, avoiding the poisons put in commercial products.  If I can’t grow it, I buy it in bulk and prepare it from scratch. What I have discovered is that a lot of stuff doesn’t grow here.  But some really good food does well in this area, such as potatoes, soup beans, squash, apples, blue berries and a number of grains.  Even a few kinds of tomatoes do well.  I am now in the process of compiling some Pacific Northwest Ethnic Food Recipes developed in my kitchen.  The Internet is teaching me to cook, dehydrate food and farm.  The videos on give detailed instruction for a no knead bread like the 5-Grain Indian Bread, pictured above.  Four of the five grains grow in my backyard, Indian corn, buckwheat, hulless oats and Black Ethiopian barley.  The fifth grain grows in my State, whole-wheat pastry flour (similar to whole grain spelt flour.)  For complete nutrition I can serve it with Yellow Indian Woman soup beans grown in my garden and whipped up with just water in my crock-pot, delicious even without seasoning.   May this inspire anyone reading this blog to do like-wise.  When they finally get around to laying you off, maybe one of you should stay home to help grow food, prepare it from scratch, sow clothing, knit sweaters, build things and home school the kids.  Take a giant step backwards to the family and the local community, where the chicken in every pot comes from the hen house just outside or just down the street.  Get out of the slave-grid nightmare you are in, start doing things for yourself and living the true American dream.




Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay, Birthplace of Communism


The Bush family loves The United States so they have purchased secluded land to the South.  Perhaps they desire a greater closeness with secret friends.

Martin Bormann, Doctor Josef Mengele, Heinrich Mueller, famous Nazis all, also found sanctuary in Paraguay. 


Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile - PDF


What’s up with the Nazis, the Globalists and Paraguay?

Well, for one thing it is the home of the original Communist experiment, brought to conquered land in South American by the Catholic Church and their hit men, the Jesuit Order.  Did you know that their Communist Manifesto had a Constitution?     Before you join the Nazis, Bush and the Jesuits as loyal Communists, which is all the rage on the Left, perhaps you should read that Constitution.  It is found in the following ebook, Chapter XVII, “The Constitution of the Reductions.”


In Jesuit Land: The Jesuit Missions of Paraguay - PDF


Download, read these books and find out what’s up with Paraguay.






We are Seed, Fruit, Tuber, Root and Meat Eaters

The Three Sisters combination of foods, grown by Native Americans, of corn, beans and squash, are two seeds and a fruit.  The combination of pulse and grains, eaten all over the world, is a mixture of seeds.  “Oats, peas, beans and barley grow” eaten by European Americans is a mixture of seeds.  When growing a garden to create self-sufficiency the focus should be on these food items.  Salads are a luxury or treat.  They should not be even close to one’s main source of nutrition.  One would have to eat 26 pounds of Romaine lettuce to get 2000 calories.  Fruits contain sugars to nurture the seeds they also contain.  Leaves contain cellulose, which is not digested by humans. While leaves do supply important nutrients, and some greens should be consumed, basically they are a fibrous structure of indigestible cellulose.  Humans possess the enzymes to digest starch and sugars, not cellulose.

        The government has had an evil hand in the deterioration of our health long before genetically modified food.  Who can forget trans fat or molecularly modified hydrogenated oil.  It was suppose to be healthier than butter.  Except your body didn't know what to do with it, so it just collected in your arteries.  Lawns have replaced orchards and vegetable gardens. Fruit bearing trees have all but disappeared from our cities and suburbs, being replaced by trees that flower, but don't drop "messy" fruit. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the Obstetrician put me on a diet of lettuce with the stated goal being a low birth weight baby.  The reasoning was that a small baby is easy to deliver.  Fortunately for my daughter, I take orders poorly.   The government push against quality foods for the public goes back to at least the 1950’s. Just look at the Popeye cartoons with its lie that spinach is a good source of energy.  Popeye portrays everything backwards, including the relative proportions of his arm.  Not a good source for advice.  Next the government lies continued with “cholesterol” and they went on to demonize eggs.  If the governments of the world could only get rid of eggs, populations would be easier to manage because people would be less self-sufficient.  But isn’t that what the bird flu hoax was all about, slaughtering the peasant’s chickens?   With the new ObamaCare beware of a push to force the public on a diet of indigestible cellulose leaves and have them call it good nutrition, while they demonize foods containing sugars, starch and proteins, such as seeds, fruit, tuber, root, meat and eggs.





The End Justifies the Means

 Such a statement is pure fallacy.  To begin with there is no End.  The Means in all our lives is how we live daily.  Our final judgment will be of the Means.  As we all face this most desperate time of a New World Order, salvation lies in the Means.  It is in this area of my own life that I fight.

Today it is raining and chilly, but I have strawberries coming that must go into the ground.  So I brave the weather and the ache in my bones to dig in the soil, because that is the means I have chosen.  And the most important issue is the Means, not some distant End that may or may not result in strawberries.  If next summer I am blessed with succulent fruit I will give God his due in a prayer of gratitude, and the cycle continues.  My life is the Means over and over again.  That Means has another name, it is called Culture and it is what helps us survive.  The Means is what shapes us.  A Means that includes generosity and kindness creates a person that you like.  Not liking yourself is a curse.

So where would the statement that “the end justifies the means” come from?  If you investigate this philosophy it is steeped in a criminal culture.  Some distant “end’ that never materializes justifies criminal behavior.  A secretive criminal culture grows and begins feeding on the labor of others.  To what end, to feed some more, because that is their culture.  To avoid being victims of strangers, it must become our culture to take care of our families, our communities and ourselves.  We need to know personally the people we depend on, and not rely on some distant corrupt government agency.  The main problem with a world hierarchy is that everyone is lost in a sea of strangers, the most vicious of whom struggle to be at the top.

In my own personal religious beliefs, no man steps between me and my relationship with God.  This philosophy has served me well for a lifetime and I do not intend to change it.  I could never support the one-world religion, the promised “end” of the New World Order that supposedly will bring “Peace”.  A criminal culture can never bring peace because such a concept is not a part of their Means.

 Mauri 11/15/2009


God’s Warm Embrace

This weekend I went to the University of Washington to participate in the First Nations’ celebrations.  I say participate because, unlike the Green get-together with their Nazi Green-shirts, I was warmly included. The audience was full of out-of-control children, babies laughing and silver streaked old people all standing tall with pride.  Everyone shared in God’s warm embrace.  As my heart beat to the drums and my eyes danced among the eagle feathers, I was re-awakened to the meaning of being.  I was reminded of a similar celebration I attended as a child at Vasa Park.  The eagle feathers were the colorfully decorated pants, skirts and shirts of the Scandinavians.  Then I thought of similar celebrations the world over.  One of the very worst things the Globalists are doing is not robbing us of our money, but our culture.  We can survive without money, but without culture, I’m not so sure.

 Mauri 4/12/09


It’s Amazing,


Last weekend I went to the Green Festival to hear Amy Goodman and bask in the organic and hemp products.  The room where the presenters were to speak quickly filled.  The ritual began.  Sober zombies in green shirts guided everyone to their place.  No one spoke.  There were no interruptions to the presenters only standing ovations, even though the subjects included such controversial topics as National Health Care.  We were all to get it and love it, like it or not.  I didn’t make it through much beyond that point.  On the fifth use of the phrase “Its Amazing” I stood, grabbed my stuff and fled the room.  What do those buzz words mean?  What’s amazing?  My mother used to say, “It’s just tremendous” when referring to things not mentioned.  I shook in anger of unknown origin, my head filling with images of the audience disrobing and donning black robes, as I looked for a recycle bin to throw their literature in.  I really can’t support any group that replaces real dialog with buzzwords. Whatever it is that’s amazing, it can’t be anything good, or they wouldn’t have had to resort to a buzzword.

My small group didn’t last long at the next exhibit either.  It started out nice, with beautiful photos of the rainforest and the beautiful people that lived hidden among the trees.  Shocking shots of huge machines eating giant holes in the forest floor, exposing the bare earth, followed.  The audience was told that they were responsible.  I don’t remember condoning the global exploitation of the natural resources of so-called “underdeveloped” countries.  Why was the behavior the Power Elite my fault?  Why weren’t the global leaders to blame?  I know I was at the Green Festival because I have always supported leaving a light footprint on my Earth.  The nerve of these evil people to ruin my Earth in their greed then say that the mess that they leave is my fault.  Well, I for one don’t accept that! 

Mauri  3/ 31/ 09



One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Mauri 12/31/08



We are told online that the wild ride into depression is beginning.  I know this is true because the little shopping malls close to where I live are becoming ghost malls.  What I suspect is that all the promised goods made in far away places are failing to reach our shores.  Well no matter, it turns out much of it is tainted with poisons anyway.  And besides, too much of it ends up in the landfills within a short period of time.  Psychopaths run the economy we have now, on the backs of slave labor. I actually welcome a new economy.  What has this got to do with socks?

My house is full of socks with holes in the soles.  I have always had a bad relationship with socks.  I was forced to wear nylons to work that ran within days (sometimes hours), caused me heat rashes, felt uncomfortable and looked ugly, at least to me.  The packaged socks for men and boys now rapidly fall apart and need constant replacing.  Socks are the validation of the rot at the center of most mass production.  Utility, comfort and beauty mean nothing; only money has any real value.  And socks, like most of the rest of our mass-produced goods, lasts only moments until a new bag of socks is ripped open.

Food shortages are the obvious fear when the economy finally comes to a grinding halt.  But what about socks?  Clothing is high labor in its production.  What we have been wearing has endless machine stitching, done by human hands.  We have paid next to nothing for it, in order to put any local clothing production out of business.  We are about to pay dearly for this policy.  I personally don’t want to solve this problem by bringing the psychopath industrialists back.  I favor Mom and Pop.  They would never poison you to make a buck.  Why you might come down the street and beat them up.  Production and the community must be deeply intertwined if our culture is to survive.

When I thought about what to do if the dollar crashes and I needed to barter, socks were among the first things that came to mind.  I am beginning the process of learning to make good wool socks that last, among other clothing items.  We can afford to pay the higher price of fair wages and profits if an item has longevity.  Things that last stay in our closets and don’t end up in landfills.  Mom could even stay home and go back to preparing the food and make a least some of the clothing.  So far nothing has come close to replacing the traditional family in the battle for survival. 

Now will someone out there please learn to make shoes?


Mauri 12/14/08



Election Blahs


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I’m afraid my political ignorance is doomed to continue.  The president elect I find just as triggering as the one leaving office.  Try as I may I don’t believe what they say; it just doesn’t fit what they do.  The disconnect to my sense of reality mutes their words, blah, blah, blah, because actions speak louder.  It disturbs me the glib way the sounds roll off their lips all dripping with honey, words backed up by Global Might.  I’ve been in this company before, long ago in my childhood.  I remember it didn’t go well for me then.  I fear it will not go well for me now.

Mauri  11/06/08


October Surprise

The October Surprise we were all waiting for turned out to be the Biggest Bank Heist in History – running into the trillions of dollars.  Once again the victims were held responsible, something about mortgages and lies to innocent banks, which don’t have the time to check the validity of loan applications.  Billions in defaults turn into a taxpayer bailout measured in trillions.  Oh but they promise to take our money and prop up the stock market just to save our retirement accounts, well maybe, if they don’t find more interesting things to do with the money offshore.  Thank God for electronic accounting, what today can be added to the dollars in circulation takes only the stroke of a key, unlike yesteryear, which would have required the printing presses to run day and night cranking out more and more devalued currency.  I wonder if that stroke of a key can wipeout me?  Well not to worry about such things. I have a vegetable garden to till, and plans for next spring.

Mauri 10/04/08


The Infallible Pope


 The infallible pope is, well, infallible.  Whatever the Vatican and the Catholic Church do, the Pope is responsible.  Hindsight of the activities of the Church does not give it a pass when it turns out evil, such as the torturous murder of heretics.  For the latest in the Church’s war on mankind one need look no farther than Blackwater, run by the Knights of Malta, out of Malta.

Knights of Malta run Colorado Air force Academy where the Evangelicals are preparing for a holy war against the Moslems. Is it a Vatican goal to annihilate both groups as their Heretical beliefs demand? Why is America being used to fight the Vatican’s new crusade?  Why are American taxpayers funding the Vatican run private army of Blackwater?

The latest excuse for exposure of mass corruption leading to the Church’s door is that Jews have infiltrated the Vatican.  Oh please, by definition such a thing is impossible for an infallible Church. If one looks closely at the history of the Vatican, not only have the doctrines remained consistent (infallible) over time, but also so has the violent behavior.

This corruption is well exposed in the media, main and alternative.  Please take a moment and educate yourself.  

Blackwater: Knights of Malta in Iraq « Aftermath News

The Schmitz Family - A Key Nazi Connection to 9/11


Mauri 5/04/08


Cult Secrets

If I said I would reveal to you cult secrets to empower your life, would you listen?  No it isn’t knocking on wood twice, spin around thrice, while saying abra kadabra. As I think back on how I was raised I would have to conclude that the cult knew a few things that were not being made public.  My family was a definite social misfit, if the gold standard on how to live was what was portrayed in the movies and on television.  Today, as I watch old films on DVD, I do notice the programming.  Yes, but why the conflict?  The criminal global elites were programming both the cults and the general public.  Believe me the lessons learned were quite the opposite. The powers-that-be were preparing cult members how to survive the economic and medical melt down that was being planned for the general public.  We’re not talking occult secrets that don’t work, at least as advertised; we’re talking hard-core practical measures on survival.

As I fight what is about to come down next, I find my life-style returning to my childhood in many practical ways.  We did operate by the “waste not, want not” maximum; we did eat natural foods and take vitamins.  I lived by Adel Davis right down to the steamed brains and brewers yeast.  I remember cleaning the buckshot out of the brains before preparing them.  I found them easier to serve if they were whipped in the blender then hidden in a spicy dish. I never did learn to eat highly processed food, such as canned soda or margarine.  So today I have a little less far to go to clean the toxic waste out of my diet than the average American.  Cult members are often taught to manage money with extreme frugality, by buying used clothing, sewing what you wear or even giving old items to one another.  They often purchased by barter. Physical fitness and home crafting were prized activities.  When the Witches talk of these skills, which they emphasize in their living, they don’t come from witchcraft, but only a desire to survive over you.  The general public needs to go back to these skills of self-sufficiency, too.  It is the right way to live.  The more self-sufficient each person, the less susceptible he is to predation by criminal Global Powers.

Mauri (3/2/08)


A New Economy

We all live the “globalist” lifestyle.  And whether we like it or not their house of cards is collapsing.  We are about to be confronted with a “new economy”.  This is good news and bad depending on the public’s response.  The present economy is slowly killing us with their poisons and genetically modified this and that.  We try to escape and are herded into pastimes of violence, phony news and cyber-sex.    Life is becoming more and more depressing and to top it all off, we are increasingly becoming sick.  By every parameter we need to get this corruption off our back.

How did we get to this place?  The answer is money.  Corruption bought its way into power.  It even bought us.  Or we sold out.  Globalist companies who competed unfairly with cheap products replaced local commerce.  The public giggled under the weight of this new poisonous trash, which soon piled high in the landfills.  The mantra was “buying more than you need helps the economy” replacing the age old wisdom of “waste not, want not.”  If you were a fully functional human being you quickly learned how to dispose of these poor quality items, keeping your nest full of new poor quality items and clean.  If somehow you retained a small vestige of old wisdom, the trash was stored, compartmentalized, stacked and cataloged somewhere in you mind for some possible future use.  These people were considered “dysfunctional” as that old rusting truck in the side yard was an eye sore.

In a tight economy, quality becomes important, as does local production, as does technical skills not only to build things but also to repair them and beyond that, to recycle them.  In a tight economy, local labor regains its dignity.  We are forced, if we want to survive, to depend on each other rather than some nebulous external Big Brother.  Our collapsing economy will test our metal, tapping into how clever we really are.  The old morality and pioneer spirit may be forced upon us once again.  My first act in preparing myself for a new way of life was to turn off the Mafia/CIA controlled television and pick up my books on how to grow a vegetable garden or make a quilt.

Mauri (2/23/08)           


Do What Thou Wilt

 "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." This quote by Aleister Crowley states the basis of the religion, Crowleyism. Crowleyism is being introduced into our public schools through such books as Pullman’s series “His Dark Materials”  found in many public school libraries, where they end up being discussed in the curriculum. Random House lists The Golden Compass in its selection for teens.  Included is a “Teachers Guide” which suggests how the book may be used.  The teacher is advised to ask the children to consider such concepts as betrayal, good vs evil, courage, fear, trust and love, none of which was clearly depicted in the stories.  No mention was made to discuss the fact that Lyra’s father does a “child sacrifice” of Roger to get the power of his life-force, then goes on to become one of the story’s heroes.   “Do what thou wilt”  weaves  philosophically through the plots of these books on both sides of the  battle, Lyra versus the Magistarium.  The books fit well with other school programs that introduce Crowleyism, such as kindergarten sex education.  If the new state religion is Crowleyism that would explain why books supporting the ideas of Crowley are being taught in our public schools.  These ideas have a history among the power elite.  To see the motivations of the powerful men behind the scenes one need look no farther than some of their quotes.

Dr. G Brock Chisholm in 1945 gave a speech in Washington D.C. to a large group of psychiatrists and high government officials, which contained the following quote,

  “What basic psychological distortion can be found in every civilization of which we know anything? The only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality--the concept of right and wrong. The re-interpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy. If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.”

The William Alanson White Psychiatric Foundation sponsored the speech.  Dr. G. Brock Chisholm was first head of the World Federation of Mental Health, and later became head of the World Health Organization of the United Nations. The motivation behind his ideas may be seen in another of his quotes,

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."

In my view, their goal was not to remove religious dogmas, but in fact to introduce religious dogma, by preaching the religion of Crowleyism.  Aleister Crowley eloquently states his religious views on the subject of right and wrong in his book “Magick in Theory and Practice.”   The following two quotes, taken from Crowley’s book, are remarkably similar in ideology to those of the Psychiatrists, who have enormous influence over all of our lives.

"The Magician should devise for himself a definite technique for destroying ‘evil’.  The essence of such a practice will consist in training the mind and the body to confront things which cause fear, pain, disgust, shame, and the like.  He must learn to endure them, then to become indifferent to them, then to analyze them until they give pleasure and instruction, and finally to appreciate them for their own sake, as aspects of Truth." 

"To attain the Grade of Magister Templi, he must perform two tasks; the emancipation from thought by putting each idea against its opposite, and refusing to prefer either; and the consecration of himself as a pure vehicle for the influence of the order to which he aspires."               

Dr. G. Brock Chisholm seems to have taken his ideas from the teachings of Aleister Crowley.  Is the end result of this that Crowleyism is being taught in our schools?  How does that fit with our traditions of the separation of church and state?  And in practice, as we have observed, it is only the state that is allowed to do as it wilt (as shown in the photo above).  By the force of the state the citizen must comply because whatever the state does, there is no right or wrong, only power. Dr. Chishom, Aleister Crowley and now our public school systems say so.

Mauri  (2/11/08)


His Dark Materials Trilogy

Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” Trilogy begins with the “The Golden Compass,” moves on to “The Subtle Knife” and ends with the “The Amber Spyglass.”  If stories for children are tools in shaping their beliefs, this series has a lot to make one ponder what is in store for the next generation.  Woven throughout the text is the blurring of ideas of opposites, gender confusion and morality eradication, just as is done in the writings for adults by Aleister Crowley.  In the trilogy, the daemon or soul of each person is of the opposite sex.  Lyra, the main character is known by her ability to lie even as her golden compass always told the truth.

The Golden Compass plot ends in pure Satanism. Roger, an innocent child, is sacrificed to get his life force in order to cross over into a parallel universe.  And Lyra crossed too.  I could hardly move on to the next book.  Now we are teaching in our public schools that child sacrifice is a good thing, maybe even necessary.  At least Pullman believed it was necessary to advance his plot.

The children move on in the next book, their needs being met by the unexplained magic of things just appearing.  No survival skills taught here.  To add to the list of “murderers” is Will.  Although the murders appear more like unintended accidents, so why call it murder?  Perhaps to again blur the lines between right and wrong.  Sometimes murder is necessary, as opposed to sometimes accidents happen.  The story line continues with the war in heaven interacting with wars on the many worlds of the parallel universes.  God dies an incompetent, decrepit old man; the fallen angels and the witches defeat the angels of heaven.  Lyra is separated from her daemon and becomes more like the witches. According to Pullman, wisdom, at least his version of it, triumphs over stupidity, freedom wins over oppression.  

Pullmans ends the last book of the trilogy with the goal to build “The Republic of Heaven” on Earth. One isn’t sure what he means by that until one returns to his description of Heaven (land of the dead), an eternity of suffering souls tormented by Harpies.  Judging by his body of work, I think that he is talking about building the New World Order (land of the mind controlled dead), an eternity of suffering souls tormented by Home Land Security.  I think “Republic” was added because it sounds good. 

            What should stories for children teach, history, science, morality, things that the child may apply to his daily life, things that will serve him in the future?  Childhood is all about learning.  Imagination is all about thinking outside the box. I’m not opposed to fantasy, but fantasy should stimulate the mind in ways that are useful.  It should not teach that the world runs by magic, because it doesn’t, or that anything goes, because there are always consequences.  Pullman's world view, Crowleyism, is a philosophy of slavery not freedom.  Just dig deep into the quotes of those that are bring us this Crowleyism, it will chill your soul.

 Mauri  (2/9/08)



The Golden Compass - Crowleyism for Children

The ideas argued by outraged religious groups on the web against the new movie for children, “The Golden Compass,” encouraged me to buy a ticket. December 7 I went to see it in the theater.  According to the plot, Lyra, the twelve-year old heroine, deserted by her parents, was now raising herself in an environment surrounded by evil.  I could identify with that. As the family falls apart, I’m sure Lyra’s plight is identified with by much of the youthful audience that is the movie’s target.  It is the solution given by the story that I have a disagreement with.  The solution is war.  But how does a child wage war against forces much greater than herself?  The answer is to use Magick and the power of secret societies, such as the witches.  The Ice Bear showed up right in the nick, roaring and leading the battle with loyalty and devotion for a stranger in trouble.  The glue of a confusing and weak plot was the Golden Compass, which was used mainly as a crystal ball to convince others to join in on the physical fight.  I got the distinct feeling the plot, yet another gory war, was not of as much importance to the movie as the introduction of ideas one might call Crowleyism.  Raise the audience’s adrenalin and artificially empower them with a victory and then bath them in a propaganda designed to enslave them in failure.  Classic Crowleyism.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, the message of this movie for children is depressing.  Who wants to live in such a fear-based world full of witches and daemons?   It’s an insult to the other species with which we share our earth home, as it depicts them as only having value when they do our bidding.  Movies should teach children skills and true independence.  Instead this movie teaches them Crowleyism with all its magick and witchcraft.

        To begin with the witches and friends do not represent paganism.  No major religion that practiced this anti-family kind of belief lasted long.  The harsh environment would have wiped them out.  The witches are so dependent on their evil spells, they are incapable of supplying themselves with food, clothing and shelter, let alone the huge effort required to raise their young, if they had any with no real men.  They would soon become a predator’s dream.  And it is the predators among us that want our children to live in a dream world of magick, becoming the perfect prey.  Believe me, your ancestors were clever all on their own without the questionable aid of magick, or you wouldn’t be here.  No society survives long when belief systems become totally dysfunctional.

Much of the Crowleyism in this movie is a matter of semantics.  Take the Daemon.  According to the story, a person’s soul (Daemon) is an animal that lives outside the body, with which one communicates.  In other words everyone is daemon possessed, and by the way you are the daemon (pronounced deemon).  Witches, fallen angels and now Demons are good.  Evil has been wiped out by the use of the pen.  We can no longer look at the evil counterpart of an issue because everything has been re-defined as good. Classic Crowley!  This takes away one’s defense of protecting oneself from things that aren’t so good, by saying they don’t exist.  One might take the same fantasy idea of having an animal spirit that follows one through life as a companion.  Making the spirit a separate entity and giving it a good name, is an idea that may provide comfort.  Many people find great love in their animal companions (pets) in life and I think for some that relationship may continue after the loved animal dies.  This idea may be empowering, that we are never alone.  Even if the story follows ideas of animism, that you have an animal spirit that contributes to your personality, why call it a Daemon?  The Pullman idea is that we are all daemon possessed, and without our daemons we die. The clue to the real intent is the use the word Daemon.  The same idea applies to the use of the word Witch or witchcraft.

The magick of science, Quantum Mechanics, is introduced in Pullman’s stories by giving Lyra’s world parallel universes connected by “dust.”  No logical argument could refute these ideas because they aren’t based on logic; Quantum Mechanics is based on logick (magick).  It has proved far more useful as a mystery religion than it has as a set of scientific principles that predicts and explains things.

         Stories for children should have a moral message.  Fantasy is useful for allegory, otherwise life should be depicted the way it is.  Better to show children learning home arts, such as handcrafting, than showing them learning to do magick spells.  The Pullman story teaches the ultimate lie of Crowleyism, that the road to freedom is "Do what thou wilt” and then tries to control God by the practice of Magick.  When in fact magick is the ultimate dependence, often leading to criminal behavior to supply needs.  The road to independence and freedom is learning life skills, including the physical production of necessities and the social glue of morality.

Mauri  (2/3/08)


Fifteen Commandments

 One of my favorite comedic scenes is from the movie “History of the World Part 1” where Mel Brooks comes down from the mountain holding 3 stone tablets with the Lord’s 15 (he drops one of the tablets), er 10 commandments.  I often wonder what the other 5 commandments might have been.  Watching the global elite, as they attempt to destroy our world, I can guess at a couple of those missing commandments.

            The DNA that holds the blueprint for life is unbelievably complex. Gene after gene after gene down to the minutest of detail determines our physical self.  And every self is unique.  As these unique selves are combined into ecosystems, from the microscopic bacteria to the macro giant tree, these DNA controlled beings dance with each other with such precision that life is born, sustains itself and dies in near perfect harmony.  All of this is under the control of a “God” that is ubiquitous.  And that is exactly how it should be.  Man is lucky if he has some control over himself; he is infinity away from becoming God.  So one of those missing commandments surely is “ thou shalt not try to become God.”  Some science is just too dangerous to mess with and that includes any experiments where the outcome cannot be controlled.  The first commandment of science is “do no harm.”

            According to the latest news from across the pond, the UK has just approved human-animal embryo research.  It makes you wonder how many chimera half human babies out there are sitting all alone in cages, just waiting to be tortured in the name of progress, if turning the earth into a living hell may be called progress.  Who put these psychopaths in change and why doesn’t the public stop them?  I think it is time for 5 more commandments just for the crazies in power directed at putting an end to their insanity.  Following the money that funds a world going mad and seeing that the evil spigot gets turned off might be a good start.

 Mauri (1/28/08)



Brilliant or Crazy

The power of the Internet has lifted the veil of secrecy on some of the goals of the Global Elite.  Which brings us to the subject of Eugenics.  Living forever is an ancient goal as is ideation of superiority.  What kind of superman-woman are we talking about here?  The elite seem obsessed with feel-good activities and therefore focus on drugs and sex.  Our superman-woman will have exaggerated sex organs and sex drive for sure, if only through drugs and surgery.  He-she will be cunning and devious to the max, because after all that is what got the elite their exalted position in the first place.  Their obsessive focus in life on the material pushes their ideal human creation in the direction of an amoral, all powerful, sex addicted, drug addict who lives forever.  These elites will have to keep a few moral, responsible humans around to do the grunt work, including science and technology.  Because you see amoral people do very poor science, partly because they can’t think beyond their next organism or high.  Doing evil seems to delight them and evil is in the end destructive even to them.

            My father used to read all the “live-for-ever and better through chemistry” literature.  He asked me to read it too.  It was full of science fallacy and holes. I have trouble taking their claims seriously. I sometimes wonder if their desire to live forever is really a fear of standing naked and exposed before their maker.  People who live good lives rarely fear death.

Few elites actually make the contributions they like to take credit for.  Mostly they steal and misuse the hard work of others.  If the “others” are eliminated due to feeling of competition, then the bloated Frankenstein elites will surely fall.  They make no real contribution to society.  Like a parasite they only know how to suck the host’s blood dry.  The elites age; just like the rest of us they become infirm with time.  They grow slow and ugly as age advances them, just like the rest of us.  Who wants to live forever in a body that no longer works and a mind tormented by its own dysfunction?  Not I.

 Mauri  (1/22/08)



Women’s Liberation

The issue of men versus women is bigger than women’s liberation.  Women’s lib is in part just a response to the initial stages of the break-up of the family.  Most of the women I knew, who had to leave the home to earn a living did so under great duress.  I know this was true of myself.  What I really wanted to be was a housewife and mother.  So I was extremely grateful when the wages that I earned at least came close to competing with a man’s.  I had a child to raise on my own.  Most of the divorces I saw were of a middle-aged man walking out on his wife and children for a younger woman.  It is no accident that women have become obsessed with youth and beauty.  I think maybe movies and TV may have played a role.

There are things we can do to rid ourselves of the unhealthy ideas of beauty created by extreme insecurity.  Women are beautiful just the way God made them.  Painting one’s face like a prostitute gives the wrong message.  It’s expensive, devastating to the animals the poisons are tested on, and creates feelings of low self-esteem when you wash your face.  I’m not opposed to maintaining one’s health and beauty through positive habits, good food and good grooming, but women need to be viewed for what they provide to the family and community, not how they look in Calvin Klein Jeans.  The lowest form of accomplishment is to be a trophy-wife; the highest is to be a nurturing partner and mother.

Wife and mother is a job that has no guaranteed income.  In the past widows with children often became instantly poor.  Even I have the story of a great, great grandmother who washed other peoples clothes to barely feed her young after she was widowed.  The best guarantee any of us have is an extended family and a stable community.  The break-up of the family, including extended, has been the goal of the global elite, who only want to rob us.  It is easier to do when we are kept on the constant move by the opening and closing of their corporations and factories.  And when we become old we are viewed as useless feeders.

Next perhaps we could look at what was happening in the family of yesterday if you were a man.  Think back, how many remember their father as absent, uncaring or even violent and alcoholic.  His problem was that in order to support his family in the style of the Joneses down the street, he worked two jobs.  Or he worked in a factory or mine that compromised his health.  Unions arose for a reason.  An abusive employer set the stage for that abuse to trickle down to the wife and children at home.  Spousal and child abuse should not be tolerated as anyone’s right.  The same is true of employer abuse.  The object of your life is not to make someone else rich.  I think the society should look at anyone with too much money with a certain amount of suspicion.  Not like we do today where we try to emulate the rich or supper rich.  Having excess amounts of money is not a virtue.  Even if your neighbors don’t, judgment day will ask for an accounting. (The supper rich are increasingly exposed as being into criminal activity.)   Community leaders should be those who sacrifice for the community, not those who steal from it and then use the ill gotten money to buy privilege so that they can steal more.

With both the before and after women’s lib the real victims were the children. I think any real solution to this ancient issue of men versus women will return both parents to the nurturing care of their young. How the children are raised determines our future.  It doesn’t take a village to raise a child; it takes two parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  The family needs to come back and what is more the extended family needs to return, along with stable communities that support this way of life.  Factory owned towns that have the power to pull up stakes at any time should be replaced with a diversity of small businesses and a better distribution of wealth in the community.  Elite abuse has become intolerable.  It is time that we begin to take better care of ourselves.

Mauri (1/15/08)  



How to Get Slimed on the Internet

Let us begin this topic with the greatest slime job of all.  The attack on the reputation of Ted Gunderson was the most effective and long lasting, making it the true classic. What did Ted do to deserve this?  He went against the False Memory crud and continued to expose pedophilia in high places.  I followed much of his work and he seemed genuine and accurate to me.  But what do I know.  I was often asked my opinion on the matter and I would reply that I had no inside information, but I always liked what he had to say.  Then one day out of the blue this slime list began to grow.  John W. DeCamp was now accused of nefarious activities along with Ted.  John wrote the book “The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska.”  It is the best, and most rigorously investigated material on the subject of child-sex trafficking ever published.   Okay, we have a connection.  Expose child-sex trafficking in high places and you put yourself at risk of being slimed or worse.

Lately this list has started to grow again.  Alex Jones’ has crept in along side Gunderson and DeCamp.  Alex Jones’ success is questioned, such as how did he just walk into Bohemian Grove without them knowing.  I can tell you how.  I did it all the time.  He just walked past the Programmed Zombies and didn’t say much.  Other names are added to the sliming, as needed, including Ron Paul, Loose Change, We are Change and even Ed Brown.  The list is starting to sound like the “Globalist’s Enemies List.”  These people are not even related in what they do.  Ted investigated child-sex trafficking, John wrote a book about a famous case he was involved in.  He is not a part of the alternative media but still works as a lawyer.  Alex, Loose Change and We are Change work in the 911 Truth Movement.  Ed Brown stood up against the IRS, and Ron Paul is a politician.  Everyone represents his or her own worldview.  No one in the Alternative Media is lock step on any idea.  It truly is a war of information.  A concerted effort at sliming others is the lowest form of argument.  To me this slime list is becoming silly!  It worked for a while with Ted, but as the list grows it loses all credibility.

Mauri  (1/8/08)      


Solar Cooker

The collapse of the dollar has caused me some concern.  I use dollars to buy food and the energy to move me from place to place and to keep me warm in the winter.  Every year windstorms or snowstorms bring the power down where I live.  Without power you can’t pump gas.  Without gas you can’t run the trucks that bring us food.  With the collapse of the dollar I wonder about my dependence on the criminals we have allowed to run our lives. What if the power goes down permanently?  How would I survive?  I like technology, when it is used to improve people’s lives and make them independent, not for war and control, which is how it is presently being used by sick power elites.  I went to my favorite tool for information on how I might gain more personal power over my life, the Internet, and I discovered the solar cooker.

I saw photos of browned skinned people cooking their gourmet delights under the midday sun using its free energy.  The sight empowered me.  I wanted to be like them; free of my dependence on people I do not trust.  I wanted to be able to determine my own destiny.  I wanted to break my shackles of slavery to the grand design of someone else.  I wanted my own small design.  And at that moment I felt it begins with a solar cooker.  The design was simple and easy to understand.  If one could boil water by collecting the sun’s rays using just reflective metal, one could make a steam engine.  If one could make a steam engine, one could make a generator.  The solution to the coming collapse of our world empire is the rise of the little people.  The real brain trust is with them.  Small businesses, everywhere, bringing forth new solutions, freeing people to use God’s abundance, the power of the sun and the wind, to supply their needs.  The power of God’s seeds to produce a new plant the following season will give us a reliable food source.  As you can see, I think the solution is spiritual.  I know my spirit soars when I solve a problem, and that solution makes the world a better place.  I know, together the little people can solve any problem.  We just need to let our collective spirits soar, get rid of our dependence on people who have sworn allegiance to evil and with God’s help take the risk that we will prevail.

 Mauri (1/1/08)      


Business of Congress

For years Congress has been rated by how hard it worked at passing new laws.  They seemed to be in some kind of mad race to get something done.  They were even criticized when they went on vacation or had a recess.   The bills past by the pound were scrutinized when the Congressman or Senator ran for re-election. It didn’t matter what the bill did or what the new law was, only that it got passed.  Frequently the bills were not even read.  What kind of a race are we in that these un-read and under-reported bills are being implemented?  Where are we headed?  Who do these people work for?

       Border guards are given long prison terms and the drug smuggler is given immunity.  The Justice department shows its loyalty and it isn’t to you and me.  Homeland security herds the vulnerable into crowded conditions then limits food and water.  Anarchy breaks out so they confiscate the guns of the good citizens.  They break up families by removing the children.  (Isn’t that what the Nazis did when they put people into concentration camps – who do these people think they are kidding?)  A university mass shooting breaks out and the local police are told to stand down until the Feds arrive. Everyone hides behind trees until the killer shoots himself.  Trillions of dollars are missing from the pentagon.  Suddenly our elected officials are becoming millionaires.  The business of Congress is turning out to be to sell America to foreign interests, including the global elite that once claimed to be American.  Perhaps it is time for the people to better scrutinize what it is their elected officials do, who do they represent and how are they are financed?

       Maybe we need to get in a mad race to get rid of some of the legislation that has been enacted. The business of Congress is being exposed as having more in common with the Mafia than the Founding Fathers.  Massive corruption is about ready to topple the once great America and perhaps the world.  We need a bon fire, not of books, but of all these destructive and self-serving bills. Limited government with greater local control best serves the needs of the people.

Mauri  (12/26/07)


The Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is under attack.  It is actually a pagan holiday and not the birthday of Jesus, or so its detractors declare.  Satan Claus dressed all in red promises gifts especially to the children of the wealthy, because they have been extra good.  Our debt piles high as the salivating global elite can’t wait to get more of our money.  We cut down a tree in its youth and drag it indoors, spreading brown needles among bows and bobbles, We light up the tree then tell our children lies all in the spirit of the season.  If they do as we say a jolly old man will come down the chimney and reward them.  Some people look forward to Christmas the entire year, some feel depressed remembering a time of family dysfunction.  But lately Christmas has been under attack and especially the Christian version of its celebration.  Perhaps it is time to look at the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a season holiday, occurring just days after the winter solstice which is the darkest day of the year.  The dead of winter is a time to share, especially food and especially in cold climates.  It is a time when families and communities put aside their differences to make it through until the return of nature’s abundance.  These ideas fit well with the teachings of Jesus.  Families and communities need bonding celebrations that emphasize the positive aspects of life.  As Christmas takes a hit from those that would destroy us, perhaps a new look at the real meaning of the season is due.  Maybe the competition for the biggest tree or the most gifts has been a little self-centered.   I personally think it is never a good idea to lie to your children.  The meaning of the season is to support and bring joy to the most vulnerable, including the children.  It is a time to celebrate family, community, share one’s wealth and help the needy.  Everyone deep in his or her heart knows this is the real meaning of Christmas.

 Mauri (12/18/07)


False Memories Growing

The existence of people, who think they have read documents that  global elites are setting up a North American Union, is creating a “North American Union Panic.”  According to the media the numbers of delusional "conspiracy theorists" are increasing by the day. As shown by the moderators and media reports of recent debates, even presidential candidate Ron Paul may be subjected to false memories of documents he thinks he may have read.  These false memories coincide with the skyrocketing levels of autism.  Do you suppose it is something in the water?  NAU panic is similar to SRA panic except SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) false memories are about events long in the past, while the new NAU false memories are about events happening today.  The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which has already demonstrated that long-term memory is unreliable, will simply have to expand their research to include the reliability of short-term memory.  It is getting so that one can no longer trust one's lying eyes about what one has just read.  And judging by opinion poles this condition is growing.  But don’t worry, just keep listening to the mainstream media, they will tell you what to do.

            To test if you may be affected by this condition just look at the above photo of the US Navy’s barracks built in the late 1960s at Coronado Island in San Diego.  What do you see?  If you think you see a swastika perhaps this serious condition has affected you.

 Mauri (12/10/08)  



December 7 is the sixty-six year anniversary of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.  The United States declared war on Japan. A few days later, December 11, 1941, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.  And the mass murder escalated, along with the deception.  Out of the chaos, one figure survived beyond all the rest, Adolf Hitler.  He remains the subject of endless debate.  Even his bones have disappeared leading to speculation that perhaps he lived on after a staged death in the bunker.  (I personally think he died in the bunker, but I like the story that the Vatican has his bones.  They like to collect such things and not tell anybody.)  For some reason disinformation material has a habit of resurrecting the dead.  Perhaps that helps spread the lie.

I saw Hitler as a deeply controlled and frequently misunderstood enigma.  He wasn’t brilliant.  Being cruel is in a way being stupid.  But as any search through the photographic history of WWII will show, Hitler had “The Gift.”  The last century produced many mass murderers, whose kill numbers compete with Hitler’s, such as Stalin or Mao Tse-Tung.  But one barely remembers them because they didn’t have “The Gift.”  I am eternally thankful that no one since Hitler has had “The Gift.”  I’ve been suspicious that a few candidates have tried and failed.  When Hitler’s magick is not reincarnated in a new Hitler wanabe, there is little left to do but to bring back the magick by reinventing the original Hitler through revisionist history.  And while they are at it, a good measure of anti-Semitism is thrown in; the two do seem to go together.

Much humor surrounds the Hitler myth.  One way to handle our terror is to make fun of it. Cats that look like Hitler are posted on the web.  No other human being in all of history has had such an honor.  Above is the top rated Kitler from the website of the same name, “Kitler #21973 (owned by Crawford County Humane Society of Meadville, PA (which, ironically, uses a gas chamber to dispatch animals not adopted)) is rated 10.000 out of 10!”  Would you vow allegiance and follow this Kitler into the depths of Hell?  Hail Kitler!

Mauri (12/4/07)


Satan Lies

The occult is known by its secret knowledge.  Join our little group, take a death oath and some of that secret will be revealed to you.  Here is the secret I learned in the occult group I was raised in.  Satan lies!  The secret knowledge is all about controlling YOU.  One of the major ways that is done is to only reveal bits and pieces and just when you think you might be starting to understand, you are bombarded with a whole new set of rules.  The dogma twists and turns, the real magick just beyond reach.  I never take the dogma preached by occult worshipers too seriously, because I know that Satan lies.  The occult goes wherever it can to find inspiration, the ancient world and the world’s religions.  It goes to science and nature and even finds inspiration in technology such as cyborgs. It’s the ugly lies that Satan attaches to these things that elevate it to the level of magick and power.  An example is to sacrifice a child to some ancient deity.  At the end of that ceremony you have just sold your soul and now someone else owns YOU.  The child goes to Heaven and God.  The power gained in the sacrifice is your power, not the victim’s. I know these things. The real wounds of the occult are self-inflicted. And as these wounds bleed they often create obsessive-compulsive behavior where the evil escalates, like a serial killer that just keeps killing.  Under the power of the cult, that you are feeding with the continual loss of your freewill, you race to the most powerless position of all, hell on earth.

Mauri (11/29/07)


Another Conspiracy Theory

This essay is painful for me to write.  I must read about a time I normally keep buried safely in the past. I have to go back and look at photos, which is very triggering and puts a pit in my stomach.  If I skip over things quickly it is because dealing with those things is like touching a hot stove with your bear hand.  Your instinct is to pull away quickly.  But, I feel a need to muddy the waters of history just a bit, because I might just be right.  My conspiracy theory involves some very interesting figures from the past, Jack Parsons and Howard Hughes

Jack Parsons is famous for two things, creating the rocket fuel that got us to the moon and his Babalon Working to create a “moonchild” thus ushering in the Aeon of Horus.  He had one foot in science and the other foot in the occult.  He was not alone.  The mid-twentieth century military industrial complex was into the same game.  They still are.  Both of Jack’s worlds came together in Pasadena, CA, where he helped create and run the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal Tech, and he helped organize the O.T.O. get-togethers out of his home.  I believe they called it the “Pasadena Mansion” because one of the first things I remembered when this period of my life started to bubble up was child sex trafficking in a “mansion.”  I felt I was driven to Pasadena to get to there.

In 1952 Jack Parsons was blown to kingdom come in a chemical explosion in his home.  No need to rule it a “suicide,” an “accident” would do.  They saved the “suicide” label for his mother who died hours later of a drug overdose.  If this story isn’t ripe for a hundred conspiracy theories, I don’t know what is.   Few Jack Parsons’ fans believe it was an accident in Jack’s case.  Not much is said about his mother.  Jack Parsons’ supporters are found in the main among those who are interested in his occult activities.  They like to paint him as a very wicked man, in a good way.  I feel this is probably causing Jack’s spirit to roll over in his grave.  The Jack that I knew would have much preferred to be known for his science.

My conspiracy theory of John Whiteside Parsons’ death is that it was orchestrated because he did a selfless act of kindness and tried to help those in some mighty powerless positions.  Since this does not fit the image of the “Great Beast” I’m sure my theory will find no favor among his occultist supporters.  But then I am more one of his science fans.

In the early 1940’s Jack was riding high on the Beast.  He was definitely into sex magick, especially when one Marjorie Elizabeth Cameron showed up, with her soft flowing red hair.  He had found his calling.  But what came next changed everything.  His home, which he had very little control over, started to fill up with some hardcore evil.  First came the Nazis and the Mafia, followed by the tiny tots.  The guest list expanded along with the rituals.  Taken from “Sex and Rockets” by John Carter and Robert Anton Wilson (pg 158), on August 1946, Jack Parsons sent a formal letter of resignation from the OTO to Aleister Crowley stating, “I do not believe that the OTO, as an autocratic organization, constitutes a true and proper medium for the expression and attainment of these principles [the rights of Man.]”  

While Jack’s response to the child sex trafficking was to hide me, one of the tots, among guests’ coats.  Howard Hughes would anxiously await the night’s festivities, and especially the children.  I remember Howard Hughes as a definite pedophile; a child knows these things.  In most of the men, I was sex trafficked to, this affliction was less obvious.

This conspiracy theory now has a major conflict, with the Nazis, the Mafia, Howard Hughes and much of the rest of the gang on the “keep the child sex magick” side, and Jack on the “send these kids home” side.  Oh, Oh, Jack was becoming a problem who might just spill the beans.  What to do?  Well logically, one might start by putting Jack under pressure, to perhaps get him to fall into line, by say ruining his reputation and taking away his security clearance at Hughes Aircraft.  Howard would certainly agree to help punish that party pooper.  According to John Carter, in his book "Sex and Rockets," that is just what happened to Jack.  But Jack did not seem repentant enough and maybe others at the O.T.O. might join him.  And there was always the question of Jack’s mother.  What did she know and would she tell?  Jack’s death was surrounded by all the elements of a conspiracy.  It was preceded by years of a down hill slide in his reputation that seemed to come from almost every direction.  He had fought back and underestimated his enemies.    Child sex trafficking is no small issue; a whole foundation has been formed to keep its victims from talking or at least being heard.  It is called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and has some mighty powerful members on its board.

 Mauri (11/20/07) 



Howard Hughes and the Gemstone files

My problem with the Gemstone files and what was recorded as fact lies with Howard Hughes.  Hughes was not a minor player on history’s stage, nor was he innocent of wrong doing.  But the story of Hughes as told by the press at the time, makes much more sense to me, than that told in the Gemstone files.  I remember Hughes as a psychologically frail pedophile.  And this was when he was at his peak.  He played Hollywood, but was not exactly a ladies man.  I remember a figure with a psychology closer to Michael Jackson, than Errol Flynn. Walking around in Kleenex boxes sort of fit him.  Someone definitely controlled and probably kept drugged Howard Hughes in his later years.  Those some ones had ties with the Mormon Church (Mormon Mafia), Los Vegas mobsters, money laundering through the Hughes Medical Foundations and more.  Not only did he “supposedly” give a will to some Mormon in the dessert, leaving a portion of his money to the Mormon Church.  But according to True Ott, a good Mormon living in Cedar City Utah, file # 5 of the Gemstone series was put in his hands for safe keeping.

            The problem with Hughes was his obsessive-compulsive disorders, which caused him to disappear from public view.  Endless speculation and rumors circulated, especially at the end, if he was even still alive.  Nothing fed those rumors like the Gemstone papers. They stated that in 1957 Onassis had Hughes kidnapped and arranged a fake marriage to Jean Peters.  He was then dragged to the Bahamas and later to a cell on Onassis’ island, Skorpios. L. Wayne Rector a “Hughes” double then filled in for the real Hughes.  In 1971 Howard Hughes was overdosed on Heroin, and it was L. Wayne Rector that was the Los Vegas recluse.  The Gemstone papers read more like a pulp fiction novel, than anyone’s life story.   I followed the Howard Hughes scandal in the papers and magazines at the time.  I felt they told the real story, of the real Howard Hughes in Los Vegas.  The first news reports out most often tell the most accurate history, because the media doesn’t yet know when to lie.   

Obsessive-compulsive disorders sometimes include pedophilia.  No one could argue that Howard Hughes wasn’t obsessive compulsive.  The Howard Hughes of Los Vegas, collecting his urine in jars, didn’t just have a nervous break down in later life.  His problems began in his childhood, festering into a love of children in adulthood, and deteriorating down hill from there.  The elite really are mean to their children.  Howard Hughes and Michael Jackson have much in common.  

 Mauri (11/17/07)


Gemstone and Disinformation

History is best put together using as many sources of information as possible.  We all only see a tiny piece of the puzzle, even if we are one of the major players.  Our view is through the smoky colored glasses of our own experiences in life.  It is when everyone’s view is combined that a more real picture comes together.  This brings me to the subject of this essay, the Gemstone files and disinformation.

The Gemstone files were composed of over a thousand handwritten pages by Bruce Roberts sent to Mae Brussell, researcher and talk radio show host. Parts were released to the public beginning in 1969.  The material focuses on the Kennedy family, the Hughes Empire, the Mafia and Onasis. Much of what is written is known history.  By the deathbed confessions of E. Howard Hunt, history continues to reveal more and more proof of the Kennedy death conspiracy players.  The problem with the Gemstone files is that for those that know a conspiracy did exist to kill Kennedy, it conveniently leads one down the path of Onasis, the Mafia and stops there. For any leak it is easy to blame the Mafia; everyone already knows they kill people.

September 25, 2007, Tony Thomas Gambino was a guest on talk radio host Greg Szymanski’s show. He told his inside the Mafia view of history.  He said that the Kennedy brothers were killed because they had murdered Marilyn Monroe at the end of a love affaire in which both brothers had participated.  The biographies of Marilyn Monroe, written by friends, suggested the same thing.  Marilyn was the darling of important Mafia figures.  Interestingly Tony also suggested that the Twin Towers were blown with the help of the Mafia to get the gold buried beneath them.  I don’t doubt Tony’s veracity.  I’m sure this is how the Mafia’s help was enlisted, with the Kennedy Brother’s murder you have a vengeance motive and with the Twin Towers you have a greed motive. And that is exactly how organized crime thinks.  But the Mafia is only taking orders from above, whose motives are vastly different.  These criminal groups give information on a need to know basis, and it is often a web of little white lies.

            It seems unlikely that the Kennedy brothers had anything to do with Marilyn’s untimely demise.  Beta sex slaves rarely get old.  A long list of famous beauties have died in their late thirties including Jane Mansfield and Anna Nicole Smith.  One of the motives given by both Cathy O’Brien and Bryce Taylor (Sue Ford) for writing their tell all books about life as a sex slave “presidential model” is because they felt they would be murdered if they lived to a certain age. (Old people are more likely to start remembering things and start talking,)

The Kennedy brothers made a lot of enemies at the top because they didn’t play the game right.  Each person that participated in their respective demise may have had a different motive. The writer of the Gemstone papers may have been honestly reporting what he knew of the affair.  Much of what he wrote about has been verified by other sources.  Mae Brussell was the researcher that put the Gemstone files together, as people had sent them to her.  Every player, who reported on the files or the murders of the Kennedy brothers, may have been totally honest and only wished to warn the public.  But the files were written by only one man and reflected only what he thought he knew.  History is proving some true and some as fabrication (those little white lies.)

My problem with the Gemstone papers concerns Howard Hughes.  In this area I think the files have much disinformation.  I have no idea why.  But the speculation does not match up with other known facts about Howard.  One thing that can be said about the Gemstone files is that it follows a typical pattern of much disinformation material in that it leads one to some erroneous conclusions.  The most pronounced of these is the “little group” theory of social reform.  If we get rid of this little group it will all go away.  If we get rid of that little group it will all go away.  What little groups are these?  Communists, Zionists, Fundamentalist Muslims, Jesuits, and in the case of the Gemstone files it’s the Mafia.  And the little group may even take a less public appearance, while the larger evil just continues to grow.  Maybe we should instead hold each criminal accountable for his or her activity, including Presidents, Queens, Kings, Oil Barons or even the Pope. 

 Mauri (11/13/07)     



Wrong Rabbit Hole

With so many patriots, all with their own point of view, one wonders whom to trust.  Could your favorite leader in the patriot crusade be from the other side and telling a lie?  The fact that you learn the truth isn’t the only issue to those who would rule the world.  Just as important is who to blame and even more important is what to do, sending the reader or listener down the rabbit hole of their choice.  The disinformation artist tells almost the whole truth in all its gory detail, with just an alteration or two perhaps leading to the wrong instigator or a cure that is worse than the disease.  After all it doesn’t really matter what you know, if in the end they can herd you where they want you to go.  That is why just the right disinformation imbedded among the truth is so effect.

I am personally suspicious of the salve of a one-world religion. I think everyone’s relationship with God should be personal. You may learn of the Armageddon that is being planned and do nothing at all, because you think you have the solution in the rapture. Another group I have trouble supporting is the “think positive thoughts” crowd, but if you disagree you can always just go watch Oprah, its biggest supporter.  What could possibly be wrong with having only positive thoughts?

My introduction into the “expose the evil” movement started in the early 1990s when I began to have flashbacks of severe childhood abuse.  Apparently I had lots of company. With dedication I followed the exposure of child abuse on daytime television talk shows.  Oprah slowly moved to the front of the pack on this issue, based mainly on her confessions of her own childhood abuse.  This made Oprah a “patriot” to be trusted, at least for a while.  Then in 1993 she made an abrupt about face.

Taken from the FMS Foundation Newsletter; Vol 2 No.8, August 30, 1993 is the following:

“Dear Friends,

            It's happened. We can say it with confidence. The climate surrounding the FMS phenomenon has shifted. We see many indications of change in addition to the media coverage. People are beginning to understand that FMSF is concerned about issues that arise from our understanding of memory and suggestibility. It is important to address these issues so that the good efforts to improve the situation for children and women are not undermined because of incorrect science, careless therapy or fraud.”

Why the jubilant celebration?  They had a friend in Oprah.  Taken from the newsletter:

“‘Is Your Repressed Memory a Lie?’ aired on the Oprah Winfrey Show, July 26, 1993. Among the guests were Richard Ofshe, Ph.D., Courage to Heal author, Ellen Bass, Melody Gavigan, a retractor, and FMSF members, Jack and Pat Collier.”

          I remember Oprah declaring that she didn’t repress her memories then expressed doubt that such a thing was possible.  To me Oprah deserves the prize as one of the most effective of the disinformation artists.  She rounded up the sexually abused sheep then devoted one of her final shows on the subject to the FMS wolves foundation.  They won the day.  And behind the scenes the abuse continued to grow.

          In typical Oprah fashion, her documentary “Living with Autism” gave the parents and victims of this disorder a soap box on which to speak, which was a good thing. Many of the parents were suspicious of the mercury in vaccines as the cause of their child’s autism.  But, Oprah’s contribution definitely supported the powers that run things behind the scenes.  The following quote was taken from Oprah’s website: 

 “We contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about whether there is a link between autism and vaccines and they gave us the following statement:

’CDC places a high priority on vaccine safety and the integrity and credibility of its vaccine safety research. This commitment not only stems from our scientific and medical dedication, it is also personal—for most of us who work at CDC are also parents and grandparents. And as such, we too, have high levels of personal interest and concern in the health and safety of children, families and communities. We simply don't know what causes most cases of autism, but we're doing everything we can to find out. The vast majority of science to date does not support an association between thimerosal in vaccines and autism. But we are currently conducting additional studies to further determine what role, if any, thimerosal in vaccines may play in the development of autism. It is important to remember, vaccines protect and save lives. Vaccines protect infants, children and adults from the unnecessary harm and premature death caused by vaccine-preventable diseases.’"

         While Oprah may have exposed parental concern about the safety of vaccines, she, as always, had the definitive word on the subject.  And, as always, it was in support of the powers that be, in this case the CDC.  Now where is it I get the tickets for Oprah's Christmas special, you know the one with all the free stuff? 

Oprah, the Queen of Greed, pushes a philosophy that victims don’t really accept, in part because of its cult-like aspects.  “The Secret,”  a book she thinks we should all embrace, puts out a blame-the-victim worldview.  It dictates that we should think only positive thoughts and the Universe will reward us with a positive life; we create reality.  Repressive environments, such as cults, demand smiley faces, reinforced by the mantra that the slightest hint of negativity will attract a negative consequence.  And this may well be true when one is a slave to the desires of others. Being fearful or angry is a self-defense, and if the self has no value such negativity must be crushed. It is people who live in dream worlds that create their own reality, and they aren’t destined to live long in this cruel world. I remember the Satanists that I lived around visualized such things as empty parking places.  What kind of imbecile would ask the Universe to find them a parking place?  Trusting a Billionaire these days is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Another tactic of the disinfo-artist is to turn our anger against each other in a useless nonproductive fight, or to encourage us to get out of control so that we can be quickly and effectively eliminated. The constructive use of the energy of anger can move mountains.  The object of reasoned thought is to do the right thing when one feels anger, it isn’t to do nothing at all or let the anger deteriorate into rage.

I wonder why God gave man negative emotions?  Perhaps to get one to move and defend one’s self or to make the decision that life is worth fighting for. Life is a struggle, and the winner is usually the one that puts energy into planning ahead.  Critical thought aids survival.   The object of life is to feel, not just feel good.  I always judge the patriots I listen to by theirs solutions as much as what they expose.  Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree.  My advice is to listen and learn from what is being said, think critically and never to follow anyone blindly.

Oprah Autism and CDC

Mauri (11/6/07) 



What happens to people who grow to adulthood deprived of their childhood?  The little friend to the left sits in my bedroom, high on a dresser where I can see her.  She has lots of friends, of the stuffed animal variety.  Once in a while I pick her up and hold her close to my chest.  But mostly I just behold her visually.  My stuffed animals sometimes fill me with guilt that I am selfish to have them.  Wasting the soft cotton inside on a toy is bad for the environment.  And if I buy more I will surely cause an ecological disaster.  I don’t think that is true, but deep inside it is hard to rid oneself of ideas taught in childhood. Where else would those feelings come from?  My stuffed animals are my personal sin, equivalent perhaps to the illicit drug or affair of someone else.  My autism keeps this addiction under the “bug in a jar with holes in the lid” kind of control that is my life.  I keep them all clean and never actually play with them.  But they have done more to improve my mental health than anything else I have tried in my healing journey.  In a funny way they have given me a childhood.  I am not alone.  Most survivors of sever childhood abuse have stuffed animal collections.  It is just a given.

            The worst thing the Global elite with their New World Order do is rob our youth of their childhood.  And the biggest way they do this is to sexualize them at a young age.  This is guaranteed to lead to a dysfunctional adult.  Childhood is the time when one learns to take care of oneself.  And sexual roles play no part in this process, except as it relates to a little visual curiosity, but no touching. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine means only show and it also involves an agreement between those of equal power, children. Mix in an adult and you have a serious sexual abuse issue.  Any school that has a teacher talk about such private matters as sex to a child should be sued.  This is fear producing for a reason.  Children who become sex objects sometimes don’t make it to adulthood.

With the denial of the public and the support of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, the pre-school molestation of tiny tots was such a success that the molestation is now moving into the public schools.  Now they are having one scandal after another.  Oh well, maybe the criminal school police can be used to keep a lid on what really goes on and protect the school from the parents.  They certainly aren’t there to protect the students.  Ask 16-year-old Pleajhai Mervin of Palmdale, CA, whose arm was broken by the school guard for dropping a piece of cake.  (Note: so far she has not appeared on the Oprah Show.)  Don’t let the government schools abuse your kids for their own sick reasons.  Or as a best-case scenario, they may be forced to re-create their own childhood as an adult.

Mauri (11/5/07)    


Oprah’s School for Girls

I have no objection to helping the Third World, if that is their desire.  But, much of what masquerades as help, is really an attack on the indigenous population.  It is important that communities have dignity.  The responsible person for outsiders to deal with is the community leader.  So why is it considered a positive when strangers come into the community and begin to separate out the children, for re-education.  Schools for gifted children are buzzwords for schools that conduct mind control programs.  Many survivors of these schools or programs in America have come out against them as adults (see Duncan O'finioan.)Children need to look to parents as their main providers.  Family pride and respect does matter.

         Oprah’s multimillion-dollar school for girls, an imposing brick building surrounded by an electric fence which neighbors consider an eyesore, is perhaps a classic example of what not to do when interfering in the affairs of others.  Amid claims of child abuse, including sexual, by the school staff members, the parents have alleged that the school rules are too strict.  Sweets are never allowed in the children’s diet of only fruit, yoghurt and sandwiches.  The children are kept isolated from the outside world, especially family, and even when visits are allowed the parent may be held waiting at the security gate an unreasonable length of time.

What message is given when a multimillion-dollar school is built in the community and then surrounded by secrecy.  Why are strangers, often with mental illnesses, better role models than loving mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles?  I can tell you bad things go on in schools where relatives wait at the entrance, often a long time, to finally be admitted.  That is what I was required to do at the pre-school where my grandchildren were abused.  They knew who I was.  Why couldn’t I just walk in?

Junk food is not a good diet.  But an occasional treat sometimes lifts one’s spirits, and can be nutritious.  Why did the students in Oprah’s school feel deprived of treats?  Could it be they were being fed a diet with too few calories?  I was kept hungry and cold as a child, for a reason.  It tends to open one up to a little thought control, a necessary ingredient in any re-education program.  The same maybe said of isolation techniques, such as limiting visits from the outside world.  Isn’t that just exactly what cults do?  And what is being taught in this school, anyway?  Is it loyalty to outsiders instead of their community?  This multimillion-dollar school, surrounded by secrecy, doesn’t seem like a good thing to me.  Is her school really just a Trojan horse?  I think if I lived in that community, I would ask Oprah to open up the school to the community and if she refused I would ask her to leave. ,9294,2-7-1442_2081757,00.html

Mauri (11/3/07)


Cabbage Patch Babies

In the state of California babies are found in the cabbage patch, brought perhaps by the stork. At least that is how it may be taught in the public schools when new bills SB777, AB 394 and AB 14, signed by Schwarzenegger, outlawing terms perceived as negative to “gays” in the public school curriculum, are implemented. No longer will it be socially correct to use terms such as Mon and Dad or Husband and Wife.  But wait a minute; even “gays” have a Mom and a Dad.  By signing this bill Arnold Schwarzenegger shows he is the “girlie-man.”  Just like the students, does that mean he can use either the ladies’ or the men’s bathroom?

Is there a new hidden agenda behind this new law?  Is there a plan that heterosexual reproduction is about to be outlawed?  Will we all have to start reproducing by cloning?  Perhaps they are considering instituting a Nazi Germany Eugenics plan, where the state decides which eggs meet up with which sperm.  How did those kids turn out without a real Mom and Dad?  Did they win any Nobel prizes?  I wonder how many were sexually molested with only the state to protect them?  Will it be considered fair game that, since only a Mom and a Dad can make a baby, the baby will be removed and given to a “gay” couple to raise in their “gay” lifestyle?  This doesn’t sound like a religious issue to me.  It sounds like an attack on the family unit of biological mother, father and children.  It sounds like a giant step toward the death of humanity, no matter what lifestyle or religion you follow.

 Mauri (11/1/07)



Nine Satanic Statements

Many occult organizations are just branches of the same tree.  Much of their doctrines overlap.  The Church of Satan is one of the more open of their sinister nature to the public.  But this is only because it helps them attract new members.  The following Nine Satanic Statements are taken from the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.  Judge for yourself if you want this philosophy practiced in your neighborhood.


1.  Satan represents indulgences, instead of abstinence!

2.  Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

3.  Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

4.  Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!

5.  Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other check!

6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires!

7.  Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!

8.  Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

9.  Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years!

The seven deadly sins that Statement 8 declares Satan represents are as follows:

1. Lust – including adultery, bestiality and rape (especially of children.)

2. Gluttony – In my experience this sin was not actually allowed because it leads to weight gain, which is strictly forbidden, (we only ate two meals a day.)  Alcohol and drugs are allowed.

3. Greed – deliberate betrayal or treason through bribery, theft, robbery, violence or trickery, to gain material wealth.

4. Sloth – including sadness, lack of enthusiasm.  In my experience this was not really allowed, everyone was required to be enthusiastically obedient, or else.

5. Wrath – including anger, hatred, rage, assault, violence, prejudice, discrimination and transgressions due to vengeance including murder and genocide.

6. Envy – including jealousy and malice.

7. Pride – including vanity, arrogance, narcissism and Hubris.

In my experience the cult I was raised in practiced Satanism along with Wicca, if on different occasions.  The cult members were also big devotees of Aleister Crowley.  All three, Satanism, Wicca and Crowley practitioners often are found in the same group, Crowley being a large influence in the doctrines of the other two.  The following is taken from Crowley's book Magick in Theory and Practice:

 "To attain the Grade of Magister Templi, he must perform two tasks; the emancipation from thought by putting each idea against its opposite, and refusing to prefer either; and the consecration of himself as a pure vehicle for the influence of the order to which he aspires."

Did that quote just state what I thought?  Don't think or judge if something is right or wrong, just do exactly what you are told.  If you attain the Grade of Magister Templi do you become a "Programmed Zombie"?  I was wondering where all those Zombies came from.

In the 1980s and beyond, starting with the McMartin case, the Pagans, the Satanists and the Wiccans all held hands condemning the pre-school child molestation cases as a Witch Hunt,  The survivors (in many cases their victims) of ritual abuse were accused of having false memories.  According to them it was the Witches, Pagans, and Satanists who were the true victims, not the tiny tots.  The fact that these groups all stood together shows they are connected.  I think they  had a reason to feel threatened, their guilt!

The philosophies these groups preach are the tools of Organized Crime.  Thou shalt not, becomes thou will, because I say so!  Members are encouraged or forced to commit crimes such as rape, murder, extortion or any other activity that benefits those in power.  Since a true investigation of the secret activities of these groups would certainly expose them, their latest tactic has been to get the politicians to make it a Hate Crime when the victims speak out.  This is very close to taking away the publics right to own guns.  It leaves the public defenseless.  Do you think that speaking out against Satanism, Wicca, or the O.T.O. should be considered a Hate Crime?

 Mauri (10/28/07)


Beware of Wolves on the Internet

In the mid 1980s the tiny tots at the McMartin pre-school in Manhattan Beach, California, began telling tales of playing a game called “Naked Movie Star.”  They described being photographed while they performed nude as directed.  The public response was that children remember the silliest things.  Then similar stories started to come out from all over the nation.  The stories even began to include Satan worship.  Why it was creating a “satanic panic.”  How could these stories be true, with the police and the FBI diligently searching everywhere and no child pornography could be found?  A whole organized group was quickly formed to explain this to a shocked public, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.  After much effort the world finally returned to sanity.

Then in the late 1990s the Internet began its world wide web.  And lo and behold, one of the first problems it created was the distribution and sale of child pornography.  Mountains of the material, the bumbling police and FBI could not find, was on the net.  How does the FMSF explain this?  “Beware, the Internet is creating sex crimes against children,” seems to be the explanation of choice.  “Before the Internet this problem did not exist.” But the fact of the matter is that the crimes did exist before the Internet, and on a major scale.  The Internet is not creating sex crimes; it is exposing them.

Mauri (10/23/07)


Witches and Goblins

Halloween is a bad holiday for me.  I was drown on Halloween as a small child by my mother and then made fun of by the witches.  But as an adult there are a few things about this celebration that I like.  First and foremost is the fact that the witches are exposed as they really are, ugly with warts on their faces.  Every Halloween I get even and make fun of the witches.

But lately there has been a campaign to get rid of Halloween.  Children are no longer allowed to celebrate it at school.  Heaven forbid that children do anything fun at school; they might actually like going there.  Who wants to get rid of Halloween and why?  I can tell you it isn’t this ritual abuse survivor.  I think people should look at what goes bump in the night; this world does have evil.  The idea of the “witch” is ancient and is talked about in the Bible.  Witches create evil spells.  I can testify to you that they do.  I watched them.  It is the mutation of the word “witch” that makes me angry.  It means someone who does evil, especially to children.  It is not the women who were killed in the witch-hunts of the Catholic Church.  They were only called witches to justify their murder.  It isn’t practitioners of old religions.  They have their own doctrines and don’t deserve the “witch” link.  The witch of the Bible is there for a reason.  It is to warn people to beware of evil.  So who wants to get rid of Halloween?  It is people who want the public to ignore that warning, people who like to do magick and create evil spells that usually include the victimization of someone, often a child.  It is the witches themselves that are on a campaign to get rid of the public celebration of “their” holiday.  They have put out a media blitz in books, on television and the movies that “witches” are good, beautiful beings with special powers.  I don’t object to fantasy stories as long as they have a moral message.  But the witch worshipping stories seem to focus more on power, greed, and humiliation, most often through spells, which is cheating.  And now to get rid of their true warty image, the witches are on a mission to wipe out the public celebration of Halloween.  (Guess what, Christmas is going too.)

Mauri (10/19/07)  



Top of the Pyramid

            Anyone who reads my biography and essays knows that the top of the satanic pyramid that I saw was the Vatican.  As I briefly researched the history and doctrines of the Catholic Church, it struck me that the organization was far more concerned with empire than saving souls. A crime against God was of less concern than a crime against the Mother Church.  Tolerance was never the rule.  Less than obedient Catholics and those following any other faith could be labeled as heretics, whom may be killed.  This is a problem with doctrine and needs to be addressed.  It really is a crime against humanity to kill some one because they don’t agree, especially in areas that amount to simple belief.  What gives the Church the right to kill for a “thought crime”?  That doesn’t seem very Christian to me.

The Catholic Church has a worldwide network of enforcers whose sense of morality may vary greatly. History reveals much that is good by Church members.  It also reveals much that is bad. Members and non-members alike continually uncover Church abuse.  I’m not suggesting that the solution is to expel the Jesuits or even the Catholic Church because that wouldn’t solve the problem.  It would also defeat my argument that people have a right to freedom of religion.  Further, it has been tried and hasn’t worked in the past.  The ugly network created by the international bankers and cartels, and likely started and financed originally by the Catholic Church with its worldwide army of priests and nuns, has taken on a life of its own.  I think the Church will even take a fall for a one-world religion that they think they will run.   It really is more about power than doctrine.  The New World Order is the final realization of an ancient quest, global rule.  Cut off what I saw as the head and this hydra will grow a new head.  I was raised as a part of the network created by this satanic movement.  It is based on terror and mind control from the inside out. By the creation of programmed zombies, marching in lock step toward the final solution, the corruption and downfall of mankind, global rule becomes a reality.  If this comes to fruition, it can only happen by wiping the Earth clean of God’s beauty and glory.  If they achieve their goal they will rule a very ugly place.  Once the killing starts, it becomes unstoppable.  You may be sure the environment, the animals, and even the global elite themselves will be next. 

What is the lesson? People don’t survive long when they abandon morality.  We live in groups.  We survive because we help one another.  The end does not justify the means.  There is no end.  Judgment will be on the means.  Anyone who participates at a decision-making level for the organized crime these globalists have created needs to be held responsible.  No one should be exempt.  It isn’t who you are, but what you have done that counts.

Mauri (10/17/07)          


700 year Anniversary


Today is the 700-year anniversary of the first international banking scandal. Friday the 13th, 1307, the Vatican publicly aired its dirty laundry by arresting the Knights Templar.  What was the complaint about?  Why it was about the love of money, the root of all evil.  One group had it and the other group wanted it.  For seven hundred years this battle has continued, the idea being he who controls international banking controls the world.  The clear loser, as the money passed back and forth between elite hands, has been the people.

With the collapse of the dollar, we will all have less money with which to party.  But no matter, I suggest we celebrate by supporting Ron Paul in his quest to set up a financial system that actually serves “We the People.”  Let’s all join in the fight to get rid of the private, globalist-banking system that is the Federal Reserve and not continue this insanity to 800 years.

          International banking may build the magnificent structures of empire, but it also funds crimes against humanity.  I personally prefer a little less of man’s crumbling creations, and a bit more of God’s self-renewing glory. Maybe the time is right to think small.

 Mauri  (10/13/07)


Never Again

            The only way “Never Again” can become reality is if those who orchestrate holocausts have their chest boards, Kings, Queens and pawns removed, permanently.  The holocaust brewing in Israel today begins with a land grab.  It doesn’t really matter which side is displaced, Arab or Israeli, in come the bulldozers and someone’s home and possessions are mowed under.  Each blames the other for their agony, as the real evildoers sit behind closed doors and snicker.  Again, it is all the smiling famous faces, who hold international meetings, then claim they are working day and night to solve the Israeli, Palestinian problem.  I think the Bible says something about fruit.  If these exalted saviors are to be known by their fruit, and not what they speak with forked tongue, then why haven’t both the Israelis and the Palestinians kicked these bums out?

According to Barry Chamish,, Nadia Matar, leader of The Women in Green, was arrested for leading a protest march September 19th.  Matar told Israel National TV, "The Prime Minister and Condoleezza Rice are planning, in a secret manner, to give away Judea, Samaria and the Temple Mount and the establishment a Palestinian Nazi State there. The public has learned that we were much too delicate last time. We will not allow it this time. We will not obey and we will not stand down in the face of this treachery."

My personal opinion is that the CFR is planning a Nazi State all right; forget the Palestinian part.  It’s simple, the little people want communities that function.  The real international terrorists, the globalists, want the land.  If there was any real intention of serving local communities, why bulldoze?  Why not sell the structures when the land is turned over to the Palestinians.  The only reason to turn houses into rubble is that the intention is that no one will be allowed to make their home there.  All will be herded into the cities turned ghettos.  

Israel is the canary in the N.W.O. mine.   Just as they are reducing the areas the Israelis may live on, so are they doing this to the rest of the world.  When we are in an area too small to defend the trap will snap.  You either need no Israel or an Israel that can defend itself.  It is morally indefensible to put the survivors of the holocaust on a tiny piece of land no one can defend.  After 1948 Israel added land to its borders until it became almost large enough to defend as a country.  With the added land mass new waves of immigrants were encouraged to come.  Now the trap is being sprung, the rope tightening as the immigrants are being driven from the land and into the cities, the land shrinking back to its original indefensible position.  These world leader aren’t smart, they are evil.  One of the reasons they get away with what they do is that most people have no frame of reference to even imagine such evil.

As time flows backward for Israel and she is moved toward her 1949 borders, she must shudder at what went before, the ghetto.  When they herd us into the cities they are creating a ghetto, a place where we can’t supply our own needs for survival.  We can’t grow food or even manufacture what we need.  And where did the Jews go from the ghetto?  They were transported by train to the concentration camps.  And where did they go next?  Most went to heaven.  Is that our destiny?  If they get away with it in Israel, why wouldn’t they get away with it in the rest of the world?

 After the N.W.O. has the world’s population in ghettos.  Population reduction becomes a snap. 

 1.  Don’t let food or water in and starve the population to death.

2.  Drop bombs and kill millions with limited impact to the total land mass.

3. Contaminate with lethal disease organisms or toxic chemicals.  Population has nowhere to hide.

4. Incite riots so different factions fight each other.

5. Send in a brutal armed force of psychopathic killers.

6. All of the above and much, much more limited only by the imagination.


I said they were evil, didn’t I?

 Mauri  (10/8/07)


The Environmentalist

            The Satanists in my family introduced me to environmentalism.  Because I loved the solitude of nature and wanted to preserve clean water, clean air and the trees, I joined the Sierra Club.  Want to know what all those Satanists are doing on the trails of our parks and wilderness?  Better be careful when you go hiking, you might just find out. 

Not everything I learned from the Satanists do I consider bad.  They live the simple life, worshipping natural fibers and organic food. I have no argument with that, except the worship part. They support the UN by the way, and work for UNESCO and UNICEF in saving education, science, culture and the children.  Needless to say they are big environmentalists most interested in population reduction.  Sometimes when the moon is brightly shinning and high in the sky they even make their own contribution to reducing the human plague. After all, according to the CIA’s and the UN’s own figures the world’s population is exploding out of control, and China is the leading offender. 

28 years of China’s one child policy, especially when most are boys, should have at least begun to reduce China’s population by now.  Lets see, one child per couple, with 120 boys for every 100 girls, that adds up to about a 45% replacement rate every generation (about 25 years), as one child replaces two parents and four grandparents, with an additional 10% die out of lines because the one child is a male that can’t find a bride.   A century of the worst genocide the world has known, and still the world’s population keeps growing out of control?  You can even hear the numbers click away at the world population counter at the Zoo.  I believe in population control.  I have no desire to starve.  I know how hunger feels.  I love the trees and wild places and think they need protection. But, something about the United Nations' and the CIA’s figures about population just do not add up.  I am told that everyone in China doesn’t follow the one child rule, some have two, but by their own figures the country as a whole does not have a 100% replacement rate, and yet the projection is that China’s population will continue to climb.  Where are these additional Chinese coming from?  Are the population figures cooked up by the CIA and UN as another part of their witches-brew of lies? Click, click, click goes the counter and with it visions of people multiplying out of control, over running the savannas, the deserts, the cities, until they finally reach you, fowling the land, the air and the water and eating everything in their path as they go.  I must admit their propaganda paints a frightening picture and strikes at one’s own sense of survival.  But now when I pass the clicking counter I have begun to question its God-like validity.  Once I’ve been lied to its hard to trust the CIA’s and UN’s “scientific” figures again.

I think this is a modern version of a very old trick, instead of over running our land with solders and killing us off to take what we have, they are over running us with propaganda to get us to wipe ourselves out so that they can steal what we leave. They herd us together in cities by hijacking the economy then re-locating it in only a few places.  We become dependent and therefore easier to control.  Like rats in a crowded cage, wallowing in our own filth and breathing cement dust, the wall-to-wall people of their mega cities convince us we are reproducing out of control and some of us need to go. But that is just how the Satanists mind control works.  They tell you the reality they want you to have, and then they reinforce that reality with illusion.  The truth behind the illusion in this case just might be that the population isn’t skyrocketing, but that the world we are allowed to live on is severely shrinking.  If they take all our land then the gigantic cities we are forced to move to are over crowded.  And as even more people are forced off the land and into those cities, it is getting worse every day.

Nothing has proved to be more polluting and irresponsible than big, big manufacturing, big, big crowded cities and big, big agribusiness. Shipping goods all over the world must be a major drain on limited energy resources, not to mention a significant contributor to CO2. Maintaining the present agenda of endless wars robs more resources from the earth and future generations, and further pollutes the land we all share. Global businesses become gigantic by Mafia tactics. I say bring back the family farm, mom and pop businesses, and smaller mixed use communities. Mom and Pop go to church on Sunday, live in the community and have a sense of morality.  Perhaps it is time for the little people to unite and save the environment by taking back the world.  Perhaps it is time to think local and small.  

Mauri (10/6/07)



            What does the False Memory Syndrome Foundation have in common with Scientific American?  The answer is Martin Gardner.  But the similarity doesn’t end there.  Both are very influential in our hallowed halls of education.  Another esteemed member of FMSF is Louis Jolyon West, M. D. UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, according to Dick Farley and posted by Alex Constantine Sept. 28, 2007.  West’s ties to the CIA funded MKULTRA program is beyond any reasonable doubt.  Much research has been done on this subject and can be found all over the web.  My interest is in Martin Gardner, also on the above-mentioned list of FMSF members.

Martin Gardner wrote a column for Scientific American from 1956 to 1981 called “Mathematical Games.”  He was a major contributor to twentieth century thought publishing over 60 books, according to Wikipedia.  Most attacked what he called fringe science.  But a couple showed an interesting fascination with fiction works universally reported in mind control programming.  This included “The Annotated Alice” (1960) based on the works of Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” and “The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was” (1957) based on the children’s classic “The Wizard of Oz”.

I read Scientific American for years, to put me to sleep at night.  That is I read it until I started to have nightmares.  The articles moved in a direction that was distinctly disturbing.  Science was being done in an extremely vicious and cruel manner and then on top of the pile of abused, and sacrificed animals, some of their conclusions made no sense.  But reading their articles did give me an education.  The physics they were pushing, Quantum Mechanics, had to be wrong because it was breaking conservation laws right and left.  Some of the articles seemed magickal and even silly. The articles were often in lock step and presented only one side of life’s mysterious questions.  There was no controversy, all agreed; at least they did if they wanted to get published.

If the CIA is a major player in the goings on of the FMSF, I wonder what the CIA’s influence is across town at Scientific American.

 Mauri  (10/4/07) 


Politically Incorrect

This article may offend you, well, because it is politically incorrect.  Maybe a few “hate crime” laws could put an end to my chatter.  But, before that happens there are a few things that have been going on that I just don’t understand. For example, when I pressed a link “very creepy, disturbing children’s cartoon, banned from TV,” a scene from “The Adventures of Mark Twain” loosely taken from Mark Twain’s writing and set in Claymation, began.  I remembered the movie as I had watched it over and over with my grandchildren many years ago.  The story line was classic Mark Twain, thought provoking.  I was touched by the little clay figures, and thought it clever when in the movie they switched from the clay figures and photographed a human arm and hand to represent God.  I like story lines that include a spectrum of characters, including evil.  At least the fallen angle, Satan, in the Claymation clip owned up to that fact.  As a child, who dealt with evil on a regular basis, I would have been as drawn to the clip, as I am today.  The most evil people I knew thought they were Good and working for God, True Believers.  To this day no behavior is more frightening to me than that.  I must admit I have never seen a movie banned because it was scary.   

Why Mark Twain has been totally and effectively censored from libraries and schools is an act beyond comprehension.  If the “Politically Correct” get their way “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” (1885) will be no more.  The word “nigger” is a part of American history, and the appropriate use of the word shouldn’t ban anything.  Jim, the runaway slave, was the most rational character in the story.  And Huck made the morale decision to go to hell rather than turn in his friend.  I think that words are being used as an excuse to get rid of a political point of view.  The same is true with sex, which in the end never censors sex, but sensors one’s political opposition instead.

“Amos and Andy” was one of my favorite radio programs way back when. I listened to it religiously as a child.  They were funny in a way similar to the later produced television show “I Love Lucy.”  Today “Amos and Andy” is considered politically incorrect.  Why?  The movie “Dumbo” suffers a similar fate. I make no apologies for one of the heroes of the animation, the Crows.  Without them there would not have been a happy ending.  The villains of the movie were the pasty-faced clowns, evil to the core, just the way I remember clowns.  The hero Crows were black, the sicko, dumb clowns were white.  Perhaps the white community should complain.  

Some of the most aw inspiring and beautiful music ever written were the Negro spirituals. I used to listen to them on the radio.  Now the only music on radio representing the Black Community is Gangstra RAP.  The soul music of the past is no more, except perhaps in a few church pews.  What is America becoming?  What gets media coverage, black athletes who murder family members, electrocute dogs, and rape strangers, black artists that sing about killing cops and raping hoes.  How do these criminals represent the Black Community?     And the gifted black artist, dripping with talent can’t find a stage on which to perform. The worst part is if you complain, the media talking heads say that is what the public demands.  No, that is what the Elite demands!  I personally would be very suspicious of anything those cockroaches say or do.  By the use of censorship, black history is being wiped out.  If they are not careful, they may join the ranks of the Jews with their holocaust deniers.  A bit more censorship and time becomes ripe for the slavery deniers. 

It isn’t just Black history that is under the gun.  Take the case of the movie classic the “African Queen.” You know the famous 1951 classic where Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn fight the Nazis. This great classic can only be found as a foreign, probably bootlegged, DVD.  I feel a definite elite hand out there scratching away at our history. I guess it is harder to repeat history if people know the history, so perhaps in their mind it must go. 

As a woman trying to survive with a weak safety net and little support, I find I have a preference for men in the leadership role, again politically incorrect.  I want a few women there to represent my gender, but not too many.  I also find I tend to support a mother’s presents as the dominant caretaker of her children.  Such old fashioned ideas but try as I may I don’t feel comfortable getting rid of them.  You may be sure that one of reasons I won’t be voting for Hilary Clinton is because she is a woman (another is because she is a witch.) But perhaps I can’t really be blamed for my feelings, as they are likely as old as the Savanna where early man hunted and early woman gathered.  He and his buddies brought home the game and because it might spoil, shared it with the entire community, while she likely fed her immediate family first with her small bounty. He was big and burly, more fit for battle, while she spent a significant part of her life in the menstrual hut, or weighted down with a big belly or nursing child.  I don’t think women are fit for battle physically or psychologically.  Women fight individually in defense of their children, men fight in a group in defense of the community, there is a difference.  A stereotype often used by women’s liberation why they should dominate the body politic is that women are more moral than men.  With a woman in charge wars would end.  When has that ever happened?   A sense of morality is neither masculine nor feminine but is found in any group on an individual basis.    

Mauri  9/29/07


Movies and Television

           Nothing mesmerizes the mind like the big screen.  Add a good dose of rhythm with a sound tract that jumps and the audience becomes a captive slave.  I remember the euphoria of the hard candies and the chocolate covered ice cream drops adding another of the five senses to the moment.  Who controlled Hollywood controlled the world.  And for almost a century Hollywood was King.

            But who did control Hollywood and later Television?  Big money tends to come from places where big crimes have occurred.  One must assume the big productions had some pretty unsavory financial backers.  And if one looks closely at the scripts of many of these movies there was a New World Order agenda afoot, such as woman’s liberation and the breakup of the family.  The feminine lead was often made unreal beneath a pound of make-up and padded bosoms.  Some moved like beta-sex-slaves, and maybe they were. Even occult themes crept into many a story line.  From personal experience I know some Hollywood figures were targeted for control, as I was used in sex trafficking to them in devious plans of blackmail.  I never liked the stars I met at Jack Parsons’ place, and felt squishy watching their films.  Nothing like a sour sex encounter to sour the mind against a face, and when that face is made gigantic on the big screen the effect is made gigantic also.  But the evil of the media is not really what I want to focus on.  Just letting the reader know I know it is there.

            I was raised in a satanic cult where the goal, should I survive, was that I worship evil.  This is a highly painful view of the world.  Like many teenagers I turned to the movies and television for better role models.  It wasn’t hard to find them.  “I Love Lucy” was one of my favorites.  She was real, she was funny, and she was flawed but basically moral and a good human being.  The story lines will probably remain relevant and humorous throughout time.  The big screen influenced my thinking also, especially productions featuring Doris Day.  I know!  Don’t say or think it!  These musical extravaganzas greatly improved my view of the human species.  And believe me my world-view needed improvement.  When human compassion, loyalty, bravery, honesty are shown on the big screen, it is an uplifting experience.  When I watch these old movies on my little 5-inch screen, it is no less uplifting.  As the story lines in the movies and on television begin to reflect more and more the world-view of the few corporations that own everything, featuring an abundance of sex and violence, a disrespect for the rule of law and the common man, as the content becomes closer and closer to the ideals of the satanic cult I was raised in, I have begun to purchase on DVDs the fantasy world of my choice, where humor, morality and joy are king once again.

            Perhaps if we turned off the Television and boycotted their low-class D minus movies featuring gratuitous sex and violence, we could dry up a little of the money of these evil corporations that have seized almost total control of our media.  Perhaps if we supported smaller, independent productions focusing on high-class, thought provoking story lines, we could begin to support a world worth living in. And while we are at it perhaps we could also support the independent musician who creates beautiful works that inspire.  The technology is here to give us an independent choice, if only we make use of it.   Don’t ever under estimate the power of music and the film.

 Mauri   (9/22/07)



Who Controls Science?

           The gurus of science generally make their home in the institutions of higher learning.  But does an even greater authority beyond the ivy-covered halls control these professors?  Why yes.  It’s called “publish or perish.”  Then the really scary question is who controls the Scientific Journals.  By their silence on the science behind 911, surely some very powerful and organized group does.  Is this something new, or has it a long subtle history that no one noticed, unless of course they were trying to publish material not “powerful and organized group” approved.  Two areas peaked the interests of those who would control the world, physics and psychology.  Today there is only one approved view of the Universe and it is through the strange and often unscientific and illogical theories of Quantum Mechanics, pushed to the head of the line by such prestigious Journals as Scientific American.  For a theory that led directly to Magick, predicting such things as free energy which breaks the law of the conservation of energy, Quantum Mechanics was at first strangely popular and then the only theory allowed.  I watched as logical and beautiful ideas on the Universe deteriorated into a religion, which based its ideas on its own myth, certainly not scientific principles.  This new religion even told us which practitioners to worship, as their intellect was described as light years beyond the rest of society.  They welded an almost God-like persona, quite a feat for theories unproven.  I challenge the so-called Scientific Journals to address the physics of 911, and while they are at it also address competing theories in physics to Quantum Mechanics, such as the “Particle as a Photon Moving in a Circle” that they buried almost a half century ago.

When the hallowed Scientific Publishing monopoly prints only the arguments that advance their agenda, how can we trust such a “science”?  How can we read what they say and then vote for solutions to the problems of pollution, global warming and the environment?  If we can’t trust them on 911, then how can we trust them at all? 

Mauri  (9/1/07)            


The Lion Stalks the Lamb

      I don’t really care much for guns.  Perhaps my childhood satisfied my curiosity about violence for many lifetimes.  As a child I did shoot tin cans in the desert with my father’s 22, so I’m not really afraid of guns.  But I prefer they are kept out of sight.  On the other side of the gun issue, I am a huge believer in the right of any human being to defend one’s self.  In the real world, in that moment of predation one is usually alone.  The police may solve the crime later, but generally they do not prevent the crime.  I see the gun issue as one option in the right to self-defense; probably it also acts as a deterrent.  The body politic, sweat running down their brows, are trying to convince the public to turn in their guns to be replaced with cameras, personal data files, records on finger prints, the iris of the eye and DNA. Even personal money transactions for such simple necessities as food are recorded. How does this protect the public from crime you ask, especially if the cameras are turned off when the predator is a public official?  It doesn’t.  Cameras, files and personal data theft are the classical tools of the STALKER.  Why does the government want to stalk its own citizens?  Why does the lion stalk the lamb?  

Mauri  (9/1/07)


Revenge of the Sheeple

      Life is tough.  Since the beginning of time, survival has never been easy.  Oh that we could just close our eyes and wish for a better world.  And because we surely deserve such a world it would magically come into being.  A nice idea, but it has no nuts and bolts.  And the world is held together by nuts and bolts.  Getting rid of a system, even a very evil system, creates a void.  If the dollar collapses and we kick out the private bankers and get rid of the Federal Reserve, the dollar must be replaced with some new means of exchange.  If we banish the corrupt corporations to little islands, we must find a new source of goods.  And because we didn’t respect or support Mom and Pop businesses, but let them get eaten, we would have to start from scratch building stuff, and all by ourselves, with no Lioness teat.  Are we ready?  I think that we better get ready because the Lions are now planning a feast, with the sheeple as the main course.  It appears that we have no choice.  Americans have a history of challenge.  I think we are up to the task.

     Money is the root of all evil and so it is the most logical place to begin.  We really haven’t had to think about money for generations, because we gratefully let the wealthy Lion criminals run the show.  We even willingly moved from place to place, breaking family ties, to work for their corporations.  If we kick out the Lions and the sheeple run the show, maybe it is time to take a closer look at how we want the systems that distribute the wealth to work.  Oh, I see a fight brewing.  Perhaps we should first look at a little economic theory.  Communism seems to break down in groups larger than the family or small community, probably because the power ends up in too few hands.  Any system that doesn’t result in a fair and equitable distribution must be considered a failure.  I personally like the idea of barter, with a money system based on one’s labor (creativity etc.)  Currency backed by precious metals, while it might stop inflation, has resulted in wars, gouging holes in the earth, murders, intrigues and endless other non-productive activities.  Besides, it is unlikely by the time we get America back she will have any gold left.  The Lions worship gold and silver and so it will likely all be hidden in secret places known only to them. Ha, ha, ha, when they die they can’t take it with them.  Only good deeds may be taken to heaven.  In heaven the Lions will be poor.  But the sheeple on earth will also be poor if they think someone else should take care of them. Free market systems work well, as does science, and almost every other activity in a society that places a high value on ethics and morality.  The main problem with our society today is that we worship money, the root of all evil.  It’s no wonder things are rapidly falling apart.

     This little lamb doesn’t have the answers, except on one point I’m sure is true.  We must begin a dialogue about possibilities for our local little part of the Earth.  It’s one thing to start a revolution, but what happens if you win?  I believe in diversity and freedom.  God loves variety; just look around you if you doubt that is true.  In my perfect world the destiny of every part of the globe would be decided by the local people.  We could all learn from each other, see what works and what doesn’t.  I definitely want to take back my country without shedding a drop of blood, but I think we will all be stopped in our tracks if we don’t have a clear idea of what to do after the fall.  We need to develop a clear vision of how we want to re-build.  Otherwise it’s “Oh My God, the dollar is about to collapse!”  That is horrible, but you can’t get rid of their fiat money and the Lions, and their corporations and their private banks and the evil until it does.

 Mauri  (9/23/07)          


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