Mind Control:

Tapping into the normal responses of the human psyche for purposes of controlling others

                    By Mauri


In order to begin to dissect brainwashing techniques one must first understand normal behavior. How does the human computer, known as the brain, operate? What does it mean to be normal? For one thing it means that one functions. To function is to successfully work toward, then reach a pre-determined goal. Goals include everything we need or want; and they can be reached in a moment or a lifetime. When our days are filled with a healthy rhythm of activities, our hearts are filled with joy. But, sometimes life is not so simple, sometimes we stumble, or life gives us a shove, or an obstacle blocks our path. When we are prevented from reaching the goal, we dysfunction and the kaleidoscope of dysfunctional behavior can come into play as we struggle for a solution.

When one is unable to function by reaching the goal, for whatever reason, one feels fear. Perhaps not reaching the goal is life threatening. To feel fear or anxiety is to be given a large shot of mental energy. This sudden increase in energy is supplied to solve the problem. It is in the state of anxiety or "dysfunction", which is high-energy, that all psychological problems are solved and all psychological changes are made. However, if one remains in this mental state for prolonged periods of time, not only does it feel bad, but the high stress of anxiety may lead to exhaustion and burnout. If one must handle the problem, by any means available, to escape the high stress, one has a number of options.

First, if one is able, one may solve the problem and return to a "function" mode. Second, one may accept oneís fate and become depressed where reduced activity (rest) occurs. Anxiety - depression cycles may occur where one tries to solve the problem in the anxiety mode of dysfunction then rest in the depression mode, only to repeat the cycle.  Third, one may become angry where one addresses the problem with aggressive behavior. Fourth, one may deny the existence of a problem and continue to function with an altered reality, known as "denial".

Denial is any alteration of reality that allows "function" to again take place. Lest the survival value of not facing life exactly as it is eludes you, it must be observed that we never face life exactly as it is. Reality is always little more that a picture painted by our brain and sent to our conscious where it is further colored and often distorted by emotions. So it follows that there must be times when further distortions may actually increase our chances of survival by allowing us to function. Often denying the problem and continuing to live in a reasonably normal manner has greater survival value than wasting huge amounts of energy on trying to solve the problem. After all, one must function first and foremost, if one is to make it in a precarious world. The main survival value of any denial is that it may enable one to function under otherwise incapacitating circumstances.

If "denial" is an alteration of truth, what is true? Only God is in a position to know what is actually true; so for us, truth can be little more than what we believe it to be. Each person has his own systems of "belief" that make up his own personal truth. As we learn or are given more information, that truth changes. These "beliefs" form as semi-permanent instructions to be used in processing information as it comes to the brain through our senses and in decision-making.

Memories, which can be very complex and often change with the passage of time, are separate from our systems of "belief" and are not necessarily used in decision-making.

"Belief" systems change only with personal effort. Our "beliefs" must be stable over time or our world would become chaotic. But they must also have flexibility or we would be unable to learn. If a "belief" is a tool to be used in decision-making, it must follow certain criteria:

It must provide simple, stop or go, on or off instructions.

The "belief" must be significant or useful.

Great motivation is required to create or destroy these "beliefs". The time and energy required to form a new "belief is demonstrated by observing the time and energy required to create or destroy a phobia (which is based on a belief). By common observation it takes a week or so for phobias to become set (the reason one gets right back on the horse.) These concepts of normal behavior - function, dysfunction, denial and belief - are at the heart of all brainwashing techniques.

If we function using our God given free will, why then would anyone submit to the process of mind control when its sole function is to rob us of our free will? I feel the answer is that we are all vulnerable. The reason lies in the subtle ways that souls are lost.

People who are functioning do not feel great fears and are not susceptible to the mind control of cults. Therefore if the cult is to grow and prosper, it must either find potential members who are at a point in their life where they are dysfunctional; or the cult must go one step farther and put the prospective member into a dysfunctional state of mind. The high mental energy of fear provides the mental energy necessary for the alterations of thought required for effective mind control. It really doesnít matter what produced that fear be it poverty, trauma, major life changes, or be it sleep deprivation, anxiety producing ideas, exhaustion or isolation. Fear or dysfunction is the first important step to entrapment. The next step to entrapment is to remove the person from his fear (pain) by providing him with a denial that restores his feelings of power enabling him to function. The first form of power comes through the group association. People feel more secure with human contact and there is strength in numbers. The group fellowship achieved, the process moves on to the second form of power, idol worship. The object worshipped can be almost anything. The idol most often worshipped by religious cults is the Messiah. And the perceived feeling of power is by having a close association with or even controlling God. The idol worshipped by satanic cults is Magick. The perceived feeling of power is by contact with and manipulation of the spirit world. The idol worshipped by many a criminal or political cult is simply their leader or masters. Often the perceived feeling of power is gained by intimidation of those outside the group.

Once the prospective member has entered the inner sanctum of the cult he is held captive by its dedication to systematically continue to remove his free will (separate the ego from the soul). The techniques for doing this include the following:

The continued creation of fear.

The removal of love for oneself.

The removal of trust in oneís own decisions.

Phobic programming.

The creation of fear by cults is its most distinguishing characteristic. Religious cults may use such tactics as the fear of Satan and the outside world, reinforcing that fear by the use of isolation. Satanic cults create near constant fear by their many rituals of violence; and like the criminal cults, they resemble, open threats of violence are also frequently employed.

Some things in our lives are so, just because they are. One of those things regards sex. In human beings non-consensual sex is fear producing. And as any rape victim knows, that fear can be enormous. That is why sex is so consistently used as a technique for mind control, because of its power to produce FEAR! All sex between adults and children is non-consensual. Most sex between two people where there is a large disparity of power is non-consensual. Cult group sex is non-consensual; participation is required. Ritual sex is non-consensual; no choice is given.

Free will is synonymous with the idea that the individual is important. In order to rob someone of his free will he must also be robed of his self-esteem. His "belief" that he has value must be changed. Religious cults may accomplish great feelings of shame and a lack of worthiness by the simple constant repetition of those ideas. Satanic cults, once they get the potential followerís initial cooperation by the use of a lie, require participation in violent, sexual and noxious rituals that very effectively degrade the personís feelings of self worth. Criminal groups degrade themselves by participation in violent or antisocial acts.

A common satanic ritual is to cover one in feces. Once youíve expelled it, feces become something to be carefully avoided; and especially someone elseís feces as it may spread disease. If you are covered in feces as a part of a ritual ceremony, you become something to be avoided, even to yourself. Such an act very effectively destroys self-esteem. Even more humiliating is the performance of the act in front of an audience, whose self esteem is also degraded. Likewise is the eating of menstrual blood or the drinking of urine. You are of no use to the cult if you love yourself. Robbing you of that love is its first task.

If you chant, "aumgn, aumgn," during the ritual it will distract you from the critical thought, "I may get hepatitis from drinking this urine." By drinking the urine you are ignoring your natural desire (free will) not to do it because it is noxious. If you dissociate from the act, you start the process of personality splitting. Most importantly, because you are thrown into a state of dysfunction, you open your mind to denial. This may result in changes in reality that may be introduced along with the urine in the ritual. As you are gagging while drinking the urine you are told of the importance of silence about the cult. The idea of silence becomes attached to the high-energy event and will automatically be obeyed. Like any phobia, deviation from the rule will create extreme and unreasonable fear. If these rituals are done with enough intensity and duration eventually the practitioners of Magick become brainwashed (terrorized) into blind obedience to their coven or cult. The group denial becomes "only the group is of value". The altered reality of denial is always perceived as real and absolutely unbending. That is why brainwashing is so effective. Its victims become true believers. The tools of denial include turning the old reality to its opposite (for example fear becomes love), re-coloring events and erasing time.

Free will requires the confidence that the decisions a person makes will lead to functioning and happiness. If a person is to practice only group thought he must be made to believe that his own thoughts will lead him astray. Religious cults threaten punishment or expulsion for independent thought and criminal groups threaten violence. Satanic cults cut deep into the psyche by the use of the forced ritual. These ceremonies include in their fabric very effective techniques for removing free will. They may begin by teaching the person not to trust his own natural instincts by having him repeatedly do repulsive acts. Later he can be gotten to commit crimes because he no longer trusts his own emotions not to. As the fight for his soul (free will) escalates so do the repulsive ceremonies. Murder is introduced under the religious guise of a sacrifice. Killing another, real or imagined, is a powerful trauma. It produces a mind numbing denial that serves the group evil in two important ways: fear for oneís own safety and loss of love for oneís self. If an individual no longer loves himself he becomes valueless, the only remaining value becomes the group. The ritual may mix up pain and joy; a pleasure begins to be perceived as having a painful outcome. This results in the member becoming even more suspect of his own emotions, which under normal conditions help facilitate the decision making process. The person may be disoriented due to mind altering drugs or mind altering rituals reducing his confidence to decide what is the right action to take. The data necessary to make decisions may be removed, such as using the compulsory attendance at ceremonies whose time and place are unknown until just before they are to occur.

"Beliefs" introduced to the mind under conditions of high emotional stress (fear) will be stored as permanently as phobias (which they resemble) to affect future decision-making and functioning. A big part of mind control is the creation of these phobic "beliefs" (phobic because if not obeyed great fear will result), which are burned into the psyche during the high-energy events of the ritual. Such fearful events as murder, torture, rape or electric shock produce a phobic response in all who participate. If an idea is attached to the event, future obedience to the idea is almost guaranteed. If the event is repressed, the idea or "phobic belief" will operate subliminally, making it very difficult to detect and remove. Just as with all phobias, the cult desired response is automatic and bypasses reasoning. One acts upon the idea because one has a phobia not to. Such ideas ("beliefs") may lay dormant for years only to produce their phobic response of unreasonable fear when some future event lights their fuse. To remove, the "belief" must be discovered. Remember "beliefs" are simple on-off instructions, such as "X is dangerous," or "I donít deserve love (versus I do deserve love)," etc. To extinguish or re-program the "belief" in the thought processes becomes one of the many tasks of healing.

Once the new member is held captive by his newly acquired loss of ability to function independently, it becomes necessary to continue the mind control process in order to keep him dysfunctional. The following techniques are often used:

The creation of distractions from critical thought.

Self-programming through ritual.

Personality splitting.

It becomes desirable to keep the members of the cult from critical thought as much as possible least they backslide from the mind control process. Religious cults may tie up oneís thinking by the constant reciting and memorizing of dogma. Satanic cults make liberal use of complicated and time consuming rituals and activities. An example is the requirement to gain the difficult and useless skill of thinking, talking and reading backwards. Such exercises leave little time and energy for any "undesirable" critical thought on the part of the initiate.

The cult member, now deep in the clutches of non-thinking, is next taught self-programming through ritual. This allows the person some freedom to move about within the larger society as he now does his own mind control and requires less cult control. Religious cults often use the constant reciting and memorizing of dogma to reinforce the groupís belief system. Satanism employs specific rituals whose goal is mind control and self-programming. An example, taken from the writings of Aleister Crowley, is the following:

"Avoid thinking of a definite subject and all things connected with it, and let that subject be one which commonly occupies much of thy thought, being frequently stimulated by sense-perceptions or the conversations of others."

"On each occasion that thou art betrayed into thinking that thou art sworn to avoid, cut thyself sharply upon the wrist or forearm with a razor;"

"Thine arm then serveth thee both for a warning and for a record."

Aleister Crowley

The initiate is told his position within the group will advance if he learns to do such thought control, as it increases his ability to do magick, the idol he now worships. He is expected to, all on his own, do his own brainwashing.

The cult personality, which results from personality splitting, is the ultimate goal of mind control by the cult. This personality needs few skills since he is rarely required to think or make decisions. He needs only those abilities useful in serving the group goals. This greatly reduces the energy required to create the unidimensional cult persona.

Often the cult member is also required to function in the real world, especially if the organization to which he belongs is secret. Therefore, it is desirable for the cult member to have more than one personality. The traumatic nature of satanic rituals, frequently result in the dissociation or splitting of the personality, especially if the victim is a child. However, not to leave anything to chance, satanic cults also have rituals in which self-programming of different personalities is the goal. Again taken from the writing of Aleister Crowley is the following:

"By some devise, such as the changing of thy ring from one finger to another, create in thyself two personalities, the thoughts of one being within entirely different limits from that of the other, the common ground being the necessities of life."

Aleister Crowley

The changing of the persona is controlled by a simple physical act such as changing the finger on which a ring is worn, the moving of the ring becoming the trigger to change personalities. What better way to live as a law abiding citizen during the day; and on those special occasions dictated by the law, to live as a devil worshipping criminal at night. When an "evil" cult is dissected, it exposes common features with every other "evil" cult. Among those features include the use of sex, violence, fear and importantly the abuse and indoctrination of children.

© 2004 by Mauri