Cults and Organized Crime

By Mauri



Chaos is what the cult looked like from little wide eyes looking up, but I donít think so. I feel from being a cult watcher that they are very organized, have contracts, strict orders from above and run like a business, which in fact they are.

I remember the parents of my youth working together with chemicals and clocks, yellow lights and a big enlarger, pungent odors and crisp white paper held in thongs. Photography was something they did together. It seemed to occupy much of their spare time. My father's contribution to the organization was child pornography. Everyone is required to donate their children.  Just because I escaped their ceremonies does not mean I escaped the cult. With each birth, they were hot on the trail of my progeny. I even have evidence my grandchildren were abused at their pre-school. It's difficult to fight what you can't remember yourself. And because of the strength of family ties, you and yours are left vulnerable.

Cults need money to grow and prosper. Crime seems to be the natural choice toward that end, since crime not only generates needed cash it also undermines the social systems the cults are attempting to replace. The stolen antiquities trade is a favorite practiced by devotees to the New World Order. Clay and stone are turned into gold, to buy more human misery, and we move closer to their glorious Armageddon.  I have some familiarity with this crime, since I became an unwitting contributor. I'm guessing when the New World Order finally takes control, Earth will begin again at year one. We won't need the antiquities, because history will be re-written. It takes lots of gold to attract, brainwash and control an underworld army of the faithful. As drugs and human trafficking move in and treasures move out across every boarder, the gold continues to grow, clink, clink, clink. More money to buy ever more souls.

My parents would give me gifts that reflected their cult interest in the past. The necklace below was given to me with a story. I was told the archeologist smuggled the beads, out of an archeological dig in Iraq, in a glass bottle. The necklace was restrung according to ancient styles. I like the design and wore this jewelry many times. But now what do I do with it? My progeny think it is junk and it belongs in a museum.















Note reads as follows: "Purchased Dec. 3, 1978 from J.S.D. Coins P.O. Box 5031 Santa Ana Calif. 92704  Sumerian Necklace - C. 2800 B.C. - Agate & Lapis Lazuli (11 beads).  These beads were found in the Royal Cemetery of Ur. which is on the bank of the Euphrates river in today's Iraq. Dictionary: Ur  ancient Sumerian City on the Euphrates in S Iraq, extensive excavation especially of royal tombs. Brought to U.S. by an archeologist of the area. These beads can never be replace.  They should not not be discussed except with trusted friends."






My father was the cult photographer and he produced many photos in his busy dark room taken by him and others. His interest in photography included more than the erotic. He often labored hours over still-lives of coins and flowers. For a number of years he produced the front and back cover of SAN magazine.



Journal Of The Society For Ancient Numismatics



Ads taken from SAN magazine








Joel Malter must be into numerology with an address number of 16661 and a P.O. Box number of 777. He was my father's coin dealer. Obviously his buddies at JSD Coins were into illegal antiquities sales. I was told that it was OK to buy illegal antiquities once they are smuggled into the U.S. But this crime is theft and because little has been done on an international level it has gotten out of control. I have many such illegal items and family members have many, many more. If these antiquities are not returned to the museums, where they belong, they will be lost to mankind forever. The Nazis liked fine art and antiquities, I sense their influence.


It was reported February 29, 2000 by Richard Zitrin, an APB national correspondent, that, "Joel Malter, 68, of Encino, Calif., pleaded guilty here in U.S. District Court to conspiracy to transport 133 artifacts stolen from tombs in Turkey, Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Kumiega said." 

Department of the Treasury



For Immediate Release
00010KC Amended
February 25, 2000
Contact: Judy Turner
William Wallrapp


Oklahoma City, OK -- U.S. Customs Agents culminated a two-year investigation today into the smuggling of artifacts and antiquities out of the country of Turkey. A gallery owner pleaded guilty to conspiracy in federal court here this morning. The investigation resulted in the seizure of pieces that date back to the 9th c. B.C.

The investigation began in October 1997 when a Customs Agent began developing information with a confidential source in the Oklahoma City area about smuggling of artifacts. The agent seized 133 ancient Greek, Roman, Hittite, Byzantine, Phoenician and Assyrian artifacts that had been smuggled into the United States from a man in Turkey. That man, Sezai Portakalci, was an employee in the commissary at the Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey. (Included in the seizure are glass tear drop vials, glass flasks, bronze, silver and stone jewelry, small bronze, stone and lead sculptures, bone and stone whorls/buttons, stone seals, lead and bronze cross pendants, bronze fibulas and a Roman oil lamp. The antiquities were authenticated by an archaeologist.)

Investigation determined that Portakalci hired men to be looters of tombs in Turkey. He then offered the stolen artifacts for sale to possible collectors and galleries. The Customs Agent assigned here traveled to Turkey in May 1998 and met as an undercover collector with Portakalci several times. Those meetings were made possible by the close cooperation between the Turkish National Police (TNP) and the U.S. Customs Service' Office of Investigations. Portakalci discussed and delivered a shipment of ancient Greek, Roman and Persian silver coins that had been looted from sites within Turkey to the undercover agent. The TNP provided personnel and equipment responsible for monitoring the undercover meetings.

Portakalci was arrested in Adana, Turkey on June 1, 1998, following the last of the undercover meetings, for violation of Turkish smuggling laws i.e., the smuggling of cultural property. The TNP also searched several homes and businesses in Adana and Kozan, Turkey. These searches resulted in the seizure of more than 200 ancient coins and other artifacts. The TNP arrested four individuals, including a reserve U.S. Air Force major stationed at Incirlik Air Force Base. Prison terms for such violations in Turkey carry a seven-year sentence.

The Customs Agent met with Joel Malter, of Malter Galleries in Encino, California, June 19, 1998 where Malter agreed to purchase stolen and smuggled antiquities and artifacts, and inquired as to possibly obtaining future artifacts. Malter also offered advice on how to smuggle artifacts from Turkey. Additional evidence of a documentary nature was seized at the gallery when a search warrant was served there.

Malter, aged 68, pleaded guilty in Federal District Court in the Western District of Oklahoma today, and will be sentenced at a later date. The penalty for the violation of 18 USC 371 -- Conspiracy, in relation to the purchase of smuggled antiquities is up to five years in prison and a possible fine of up to $250,000.

"We can't place a value on the artifacts," said William Wallrapp, Resident Agent in Charge for U.S. Customs. "They are, in fact, priceless," he said. It is customary for the U.S. Customs Service to return such national treasures to the country from whence they were smuggled. Details of the repatriation of the artifacts are being discussed.




Roman clay container with tar lining, next to "Frog" lamp c. 200-350 AD Egypt under Rome.

It would be nice if many people could enjoy these items from our collective history, but alas I really don't have that many friends.  Maybe they would be of more value in a museum.






It's so cute as it sits on my shelf giving me company. But where did it come from, what does it mean, how was it used, and how old is it? I don't know. But I do know where I got it. I purchased it at a backroom sale by employees of TRW, at the time the brains of our nation's spy center. If it was OK to smuggle these items out of the archeological digs in Mexico, because they might not appreciate their value and take care of them, then why were these righteous people selling them to me? The answer is simple, money! The hell with the past!!! 



TRW, the secret jewel of the shadow world

 What does all this money pay for? A world wide secret organization is expensive to run; it requires trips, planning, equipment, bribes, and such activities as survivalist training. Their little airplanes, taking off world wide transporting children to and fro or getting a better view of an astrological event, require gas. The list is endless.

I can see how my father might have enjoyed being the sorcerer. But I can't really believe he wanted to go to hell when he died. Becoming an atheist solved that problem.  Did the cult bring my parents power? The power of intent, the colors, the numbers, the letters all represented something. And that something wasnít very good. So what they did when they stood in their circle with their robes on was conjure up evil intent. And if you do that often enough that intent comes to fruition. What they did had less to do with me than with them. Their so-called magic didnít break one rule of physics. It didnít have to.  They would stand in their circle and fool themselves; they were the ones being  changed by the magic, by their own brainwashing. I donít think my parents had any power. I think they both became mentally ill.



One day I decided to confront my father about my memories of their satanic cult.  The response was immediate and involved my entire family, plus the therapist I had been sent to about my memories of incest.  We were threatened in person and by endless hang up phone calls.  The police department's blue mini-memo to the side, records my attempt at community support, usually denied ritual abuse victims.  Hope burns eternal.  I tape recorded one threatening conversation with a relative and turned it over to the police. While they may have viewed the relative's low controlled tone of voice as non-threatening, I found it very threatening.   At that point we had no choice but to move.  It turned out I was in danger and a hit had been arranged.  I survived with just a little speech impairment and slightly less symmetrical facial expressions, but survived non-the-less.  The following note was sent right after I recovered from my "hit" on the head.





The Los Angeles Police were well aware of the "cult" problem in their midst.  After the McMartin case in Manhattan Beach, the community was alive with survivors, many of whom sought help from the local therapists.  A task force was created as a part of the Los Angeles Commission For Women to deal with the ritual abuse problem.  This resulted in some ground-breaking literature on the subject including the booklet Ritual Abuse and a coming together for support of the many survivors of these secret organizations.  I attended one such meeting and still have a Copy of the Minutes. Many members of the commission felt harassed and stalked by the cult community, and some complained of symptoms of poisoning.  The accusations made the Los Angeles Times newspaper and television. Alex Constantine in his book Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. had a different take, I think more accurate, on the matter than that of the mainstream media. 

If I could just wish it away, I would. And maybe because I repressed it, I did. Only two loves in our lives are totally unconditional, the love of God and the love of parents. Because I was raised in a cult, I was denied both. My father was turned into my lover and my mother, the jealous other woman. Our cult was atheistic and God simply nonexistent or sometimes painted as evil.  The real horror of my story is not just the violence and sex.  It was also the fear, the loneliness, the lack of parental support, the dependence on undependable people, the lack of community support, being forced into keeping secrets, and living with lies. This is now my truth and by telling perhaps I can help prevent it from happening to the next helpless baby.


© 2004 by Mauri


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