Pre-school Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Terror


My granddaughter was unhappy at her pre-school.  She frequently cried on the drive going home.  I was used to unhappy children.  My own child, my other grandkids, and I were often unhappy with life.  I was used to that and thought it normal, that is until my granddaughter came with her artwork from school.  I found it, well, alarming.  I asked what it meant.


 Her answer was, "It's beaver."

  I thought beaver looked like he, she, it was being tortured.  But I got no further information.  So I asked about her day.  She gave the following answer.

"He cut my tummy like a circle and they took my old guts and my old heart out.  And they put in new guts and a new heart.  But it didn't hurt."

I questioned further and got more information.

"My old guts made my eyes big.  They put my new guts so my eyes get small.  Big eyes.  It makes my eyes see mirrors and the mirrors turn into monsters in my school.  Wash water on my eyes so they get small.  My school takes me to the Doctor so my eyes get small.  They took big eyes out and put little eye balls in."

The next day I went and took all her things out of her cubby and she never returned.  I had had it with the police, so I just reported to a few people that I knew and we soon left the State.  Within a very short time my granddaughter had repressed her pre-school memories and could tell nothing of what had gone on.  So this horrible garbage now sits in her subconscious mind making life just that much more difficult.  And there is not a thing I can do!!!!