Ritual and The Ten Commandments

By Mauri



As both a ritual abuse survivor and observer, I propose there is a correlation between the education, through ritual, of cult children and the breaking of each of the Biblical Ten Commandments.

I. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."     Exodus 20:3

What other gods came before the god of the Holy Bible? Pagan gods came before for most converts. These gods included nature and the animals. What concern was that to Christianity? The concern lies in what the Christian hierarchy used for control of its flock. Only the Church could insure a safe return to heaven upon death. Animals have no religious leaders and if they could return to heaven without religion, why not people? In order for the Church to maintain control it was necessary to include in their doctrines that animals have no souls. This was a new idea, proposed by a large and powerful Church that was becoming ever larger. A close association with nature and other species of life was to break the First Commandment. It is here that satanic cults, who’s job it is to supply those with evil intent in the religious battle between good and evil, begin the education of their young. Some of the earliest memories of the survivors are of themselves with animals in activities that are abusive to both. Sexual activity with animals, cages where they are treated like animals so they began to feel like animals, insects and snakes where the animals frighten them are just a few of the horrifying recollections of many. Such close association with the animal kingdom, no matter that it was forced and terrifying, is breaking the First Commandment in the eyes of the Cult. The continued practice of Pagan beliefs, even if done from the dark side, also breaks the First Commandment.

II. "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,"      Exodus 20:4

The hallmark of any self-respecting Satanic Cult is its ability to do Magick. Children in these cults are quickly introduced to the spirit world, as demons are regularly conjured up and worshiped. The word magick implies trick, in a child’s world, easily done. As a youth I lived in a world of smoke and mirrors. My role was often behind the scenes, where the strings were pulled and the deception orchestrated. It was I that was the moving being in the smoke and fire, as children beyond chanted "Hecabeing". In ancient Greece Hecate was the goddess of witchcraft. Is everything the survivors of these cults remember real? Yes and no. Sometimes cults lie, but the memory is real, even if it is based on deception.

III. "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain;"      Exodus 20:7

The goal of rituals designed to break the Third Commandment is to make the victim angry with God. The killing of a baby is devastating to a child who is almost a baby himself. This was frequently done as the murder of "Baby Jesus". Rituals that instill a great fear of death, by the use of such things as cadavers, cemeteries and graves, follow. The child now fears that a horrible death may await him, devoid of any comfort from an uncaring God.

IV. "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."      Exodus 20:8

The satanic cults use any excuse to celebrate. No major holiday, Christian, Pagan, or secular is missed. Whatever the occasion, an unholy ritual is performed, breaking the Fourth Commandment. This is the time to drink urine or blood, and eat forbidden meat, such as human or pet. Ceremonies that mock those of organized religion are often performed.

V. "Honour thy father and thy mother:"      Exodus 20:12

Breaking the Fifth Commandment requires that parents do home schooling. Both parents may molest or rape. Incest results in two devastating outcomes, the child is the victim of a sexual assault and at the same time he loses one or both parents. One cannot play both rolls in life, that of parent and of lover. These children of incest become orphans. How can they now honor parents who have deserted them in such a cruel way? Home schooling may also include activities and rituals that create fear, hunger or neglect, where the opposite of parenting is done. This has the positive outcome to the cult that most family ties are severely weakened, strengthening those to the cult. If survivors recall activities, sexual or other, that involve both parents, cults should be suspected. All these activities have only one goal, the mind control of everyone involved through fear.

VI. "Thou shalt not kill."      Exodus 20:13

 The goal of the cult is to kill. How can Armageddon come about without death? And how can "good" be the enemy? Cult children are taught to kill for "the cause" no matter the victim, even when it is oneself. How does the cult teach murder, when the act itself reduces the cult strength by one, and places the cult at risk of prosecution by the larger society? The answer is the cult deals in lies. What is reality? As a satanic ritual abuse survivor, simple reality is hard to grasp. I want to know what happened to me, not just what I think happened. To find resolution, I searched my own history and listened to the stories of other survivors. I found many common threads. But one thing is surely true, real or not, what is remembered is very real in each person’s own mind. And that reality helps form each survivor’s worldview. Was there a murder or not? In my case, I recovered many memories of faked murders, my own and others. In fact, I was murdered many times.  I think it is very risky for the cult to do real ritual murders and so only very high members actually do them and it is always for greatest impact, lots of eyes watching. I feel the huge number of murders survivors remember are staged, especially if done by a child. I remember one of my roles in the cult was as the magician’s assistant. I helped stage those "murders". The worst memories any survivor has are the ones where he is the perpetrator. These do the most damage to one’s self esteem. The cult very well knows this, and they try to get everyone to perpetrate. Murders in front of children are done in a manner that the children are made to feel they participated, and were at least partially responsible. Usually from what I saw in the staged murders in which I died, the children, sometimes one, sometimes many, were made to feel they did the killing. Does the cult kill people? Yes! But most murders are accounted for by suicides or accidents. I think any programmed suicide is a murder. I remember more people who died by these means than at any ritual ceremony.

Among the survivors were many who felt deep down, that their parents were not blood relatives. Others still had memories of siblings who were murdered, at their hands or before their eyes. And more remembered giving birth, only to have the newborn swept away, dead or alive. So many people, so few family ties. It seems illogical to me that the cult would place little value on prospective followers. I knew the cult as opportunistic. The covens I got to know best, as an adult looking on, had a very high percentage of childless couples and more who had adopted children. Why were those children so easy to come-by? Did the cult remove children from one family and place them in another? Did they engage in arranged cult adoption? Is that where some of those missing siblings went, to another family, after a fake murder or two explained their departure? From my own experiences, I see that as a distinct possibility.

Of course many, especially those without birth certificates, were sacrificed, as I almost was. But if a murder was planned, why not make the most of it? No opportunity should be missed to abuse. Instead of one perpetrator, why not ten? I know in my case, before the real attempt, numerous murder events were staged. (After we moved I continued my role as victim at the hands of cult children.) And since it was intended that I end up six feet under anyway, who would be the wiser?

To me the larger crime is not the murder, but the devastation to the psyche of those that were forced to participate or watch. The victim moves on, but the other participants are forced to live with an ugly reality the rest of theirs lives. As a survivor, that is the crime I want addressed. The only evidence required is the survivor himself who now suffers from posttraumatic stress, Dissociative Identity Disorder, cult programming and all the other legacies of cult abuse. The evidence is all around us. But what is being done?

VII. "Thou shalt not commit adultery."      Exodus 20:14

The murder of any animal, human or not, makes up one of two large categories of ceremonies, the bloody sacrifice. The other is the sexual ritual. Here also the cult excels in its power to create fear. I remember the group rape of a child (me) as a favorite ritual activity. Sometimes done with dramatic flare, such as having the final rapist ware an animal mask, but always in deadly seriousness. Fear and control permeated the room, never joy and freedom. In one ceremony I married my father and copulated with him before a large group of robed onlookers. Weddings are now on my taboo list. Another common sexual ritual used oral sex with a child, sometimes very young. The climax resulted in a frightened victim covered with semen. Now that’s evil!

VIII. "Thou shalt not steal."      Exodus 20:15

To learn to steal is to eat and survive. Cult children are frequently left hungry. In my case I learned to go through the house taking coins wherever I could find them to buy candy. Stealing was never punished but rather encouraged. I could skillfully break into my own home, which was often left locked with me on the outside, cold and hungry. I have two memories of breaking into someone else’s house. In one I felt guilt, in the other great fear. This part of my training went poorly, except for picking up everyone else’s coins around the house, which I still do.

IX. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."      Exodus 20:16

Satan is the lie. Follow the cult and life becomes whatever lies the cult creates. The truth is never allowed.

X. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s…"      Exodus 20:17

Satanic thought dictates that the only value in life is in the material world. Envy is its Golden Rule. When the child learns this, his education is complete. He makes a "pact with the devil" to get the worldly things he now desires including power. He becomes an adult member of the group. The thing I saw most often exchanged was an education, which also benefited the cult, as the new member had greater social position in order to generate its chaos.

I think the twentieth century marked a change in the modus operandi of the secret societies as science began to have greater power. The cult goal, social control, began incorporating "scientific methods" into its doctrines. Satan became the "evil scientist". They began a movement from demons to space aliens. And most evil of all, they began a scientific investigation into the most efficient methods of mind control, which included modern electronic devices. The devastation to the mind was now complete, a crime far exceeding a simple murder, where the victim finds release. The victim of the new mind control must live the rest of his life in the hell that was created in his own head! And is our Government a party to this new evil? Many say yes.

© 2004 by Mauri