Science: A Study in Good and Evil

 by Mauri


     My life began with two ways to view the world.  It is a very cruel place to be; or God never gives you more than you can handle.  In my own case, God must have considered me not frail, because He dropped me into the center of a cult.  In the chaos that was my childhood, fear was my closest companion.  It was in those desperate times that I began my search for God.  I found I harbored a secret feeling, kept safely hidden at the core of my being, that God did exist.  Surely something so magnificent as our delicate blue planet had roots deeper than mere empty space.  Surely the magic spark of life had sources beyond the ninety-two elements of nature.  Always at the base of my search for the order of things was God.  God the mathematician, God the physicist, God the biologist, God the artist, God the musician.

     The Nazis that controlled my life aspired to be God.  They made the rules, and then forced those rules upon the rest of us by their own interpretation of nature, which turned out to be highly self-serving.  To see their misuse of scientific principles, one need look no farther than the fields of psychiatry, pharmacology and physics, all disciplines advanced by Nazi influence.  I personally do not consider their methods or conclusions, science. And they certainly do not reflect the God behind the natural world which science seeks to reveal.  Rather they made the rules to serve their own interests.  The goal was always to improve on nature, proving that they were superior to God.  The ultimate power is and has always been controlling life and death.  Simplicity was for fools and simpletons.  The key is control by brainwashing, drugs, and the bomb.  Take that God!  They had the power safely locked up in theories so complex even God could not understand them.  A lesson to a gullible public, question what you are told.

Just as Astronomy is associated with astrology, chemistry with alchemy, mathematics with the Pythagoreans and numerologists, masonry with the secrets of temple building, Freud also appears to have based his theories on the occult. Much of modern science is based on ancient knowledge, which was considered power and was often held in secret. Circles, triangles, four directions, four seasons, all ancient science, it’s also associated with the occult. Secret societies maintain secrets. And sometimes its members reveal some of those secrets to the world.

     Freud chose two things as the only two instincts, the love instinct and the death instinct. The Austrian occultists, who lived in the area at the same time as Freud, believed in the magical powers of sexual energies and in the magical powers of the bloody sacrifice or death, the same two things important to Freud. He used these two energies to explain everything else. Freud wrote about the same things a secret society that practiced mind control would know, repression of traumatic memories, the unconscious, regression, transference, displacement, neurosis, perversion, defense mechanisms, delusions, psychosis, inhibitions, paranoia. One might easily assume he got his information from a secret group that was using torture in order to control people. And isn’t that what psychiatry is all about, controlling people?  Their methods include such things as drugs, shock treatment, pre-frontal lobotomies, ice baths, and straight jackets. Freud didn’t even recognize child abuse, and psychiatrists today diagnose everything as problems with brain chemistry, ignoring any possible hidden trauma. The last book that Freud wrote had nothing to do with Psychiatry. It was strictly based on the secret knowledge of the ancients. The book was called ‘Moses and Monotheism.’  In it he proposed that Moses was Egyptian not Jewish, an idea associated with the secret societies.

     The following is a short list of books I was encouraged to read by my family, I think because they had been encouraged to read the material.  Each book was described as “just tremendous!”


1. Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy, Games People Play, I’m O.K. – You’re O.K., What do you say after you say hello  – Eric Berne, M.D.

2. If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him – Sheldon Kopp

3. On The Family, Healing The Shame That Binds You, Home Coming – John Bradshaw

4. The Road Less Traveled, People of the Lie – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

5. The Dancing Wu Li Masters – Gary Zukov

6. Grammatical Man – Jeremy Campbell

7. Neuro-Linguistic Programming


The government financed its MK programs, using lab rats like me and contract psychiatrists and programmers.  Where did the results of those efforts go and what do they tell of the programming?  The knowledge that went before is Freud and Psychiatry.  The knowledge that followed can be shown by my list of cult-required reading.  Eric Berne theorizes on the division of the personality into parent, child and adult, and then goes into detail on his life “scripts” which are often based on fairy tales.  Seems pretty close to me to the cult programmers who spit the personality then give the split a fairy tale existence, such as Oz programming.  John Bradshaw gives lectures on how to heal the inner child from toxic shame.  Shame is of course an important programming tool as it is the emotion that keeps the secret, a secret.  M. Scott Peck knew more than maybe he should have about evil.  I think the psychiatric community is as interested in covering up its mistakes as in making those mistakes in the first place.  They have a large interest in recovery when the programming backfires and produces Manchurian Candidates who go into crisis and begin talking.  Then a quick cure is the order of the day.  I know the cult therapist I was sent to by my family was a specialist in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  I think the word Programming says it all.